Under Foot

Centaur Floor Systems has been selling recreational, fitness and athletic flooring systems for more than 20 years. View all of Centaur's products in this corporate brochure. Brand names include Boflex, SportWeave, EcoFlor, Gymlastic, Decora, Activecourt, G•Court, XL Turf, Quartz Carpet, Rubberflex Speckled "S," Playfall Playground Tiles and Tuf Track.

Centaur Floor Systems LLC: 800-536-9007

A Fresh Coat

Is your pool currently painted with a chlorinated or synthetic rubber-base paint? Need a recoat option? Upgrade your pool surface this year to new Ramuc AquaLuster® Acrylic Pool Coating. AquaLuster is high gloss (great for cleaning), waterborne (perfect for those surfaces that you can't keep dry), easy to apply, and spreads and covers beautifully. And, best of all, for those pools located in California and on the East Coast, it meets current state and federal environmental regulations.

Ramuc Pool Paint: 800-745-6756

Pool Your Resources

Recreonics Inc. is one of the nation's largest suppliers of commercial swimming pool and aquatic recreation system equipment and accessories. Recreonics' centralized location, huge inventory, 204-page full-color catalog, exceptional customer service and competitive prices make it the best choice for your aquatic needs.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

History Lesson

A recently released book details the colorful history of North Dakota-based Bobcat Company, from the humble beginnings of the first compact loader to what has grown into a worldwide brand icon. A special edition of the hardcover coffee table book, which will not be sold in stores, is now available from Bobcat dealers or online. The special edition features 11 chapters and 264 pages.

Bobcat Company: 866-823-7898

Shelters and More

Coming February 2008, the new 100-page Poligon® catalog features the entire line of standard steel frame shelters and a sampling of Poligon's custom designs, ParasolTM Fabric Shade Shelters, PinnacleTM Wood Shelters and the new Porter•HuntTM Site Amenities line. It's laid out clearly and concisely, and makes selecting, customizing and ordering a shelter and coordinating site amenities as easy as possible. Visit the Web site to find your local sales representative and reserve a copy today.

Poligon by PorterCorp: 800-354-7721

Top Scores

Sports fans, athletic directors and administrators have relied on the style, performance and innovation of Fair-Play Scoreboards to stay on top of their game for more than 70 years. Fair-Play Scoreboards, a Trans-Lux company, designs and manufactures quality scoreboards and accessories for high schools, colleges and municipalities. The company is an industry leader in LED scoreboard technology and wireless sign controls. Request a Fair-Play products catalog by visiting the Web site.

Fair-Play Scoreboards: 800-247-0265

Heavy Duty

Gerber Manufacturing has been in business since 1969. The company specializes in heavy-duty site furnishings, such as picnic tables, park benches, park grills and bike racks. The picnic tables are offered in four different strengths to fit all needs and uses. The frames can be purchased with only the attaching hardware, or #1 southern pine, ACQ treated pine, aluminum or recycled plastic are offered for the tops and seats.

Gerber Manufacturing: 800-393-9923

Cleaner Pools

For more than 15 years, the Power Vac Corp. has provided the pool service industry with durable, portable and affordable vacuuming systems. Power Vac's vacuums allow you to cut your cleaning time in half, making your business larger and your work day shorter. Choose from a full line of products, ranging from handheld vacuums to full-size carted systems. With no hoses or pumps to prime, you simply snap on your pole, plug in and clean.

Power Vac Corporation: 877-771-6970