Aquatic Options

Natare Corp. is internationally recognized for high-quality swimming pool and aquatic facility equipment and systems used for new construction and renovation. Technologically advanced stainless-steel pool construction systems, reinforced 60-mil-thick PVC pool linings, stainless-steel bulkheads, stainless-steel perimeter gutter systems and high-volume MicroFlo filtration systems are just a few of Natare's products. Call for complete catalogs and technical data.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

Shelter Me

The standard ICON Shelter Systems Inc. product line has hexagons, octagons, squares, gabled rectangles, hipped rectangles and curved roof shelters. All standard shelters are available in one-foot-increment sizes. Optional roof pitches are available without incurring additional engineering charges. Other options include double- and triple-tier roofs, ornamental railings, custom columns, wind screens, perforated steel screens, display cases and cupolas.

ICON Shelter Systems Inc.: 800-748-0985

Athletic Acumen

The 2008 Beacon Athletics Catalog features many new products this year, offering a wide selection of the finest field materials, facility and maintenance products, and training equipment. Not only do the products help in creating an aesthetically pleasing athletic field, but also are innovative, dependable and top-quality with superior craftsmanship. Request your free copy today.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Larger or Smaller

Mer-Made Filter pipe reducers/increasers are fiberglass construction, flanged at both ends. Units feature minimum flange-to-flange dimensions to reduce space. Standard units are available up to 16-inch pipe diameter with a flange-to-flange dimension of 14 inches. Special molds can accommodate any reduction combination up to 36-inch pipe size. Tight space requirements can usually be accommodated. Both eccentric and concentric configurations are available.

Mer-Made Filter: 803-793-4265


Dri-Dek's anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It's perfect in pool areas, showers, locker rooms and saunas. Dri-Dek is made from oxy-B1TM vinyl, which fights the spread of infectious fungus and bacteria in areas with barefoot traffic. Just snap the 12-inch by 12-inch interlocking tiles together to form surface any length, width or shape. Available in 12 colors. Free set of samples available.

Dri-Dek by Kendall Products: 800-348-2398


Atria's brochure displays its advanced commercial aquatic pool enclosures. Color-coated aluminum frames and rafters minimize maintenance. Manual or electronic opening light-transmitting roof panels and sliding glass doors allow for natural ventilation. Increase participation in swimming and club activities at health and fitness centers, YMCAs, schools, waterparks and other recreation facilities. CCSI International, manufacturer of Atria/Garden Prairie aquatic enclosures, is a leader in the development of enclosures for both commercial and residential applications.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231

Noise Control

The attractive, sound-absorbing Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs) offer a quick, convenient and economical way to effectively and efficiently reduce background noise and reverberation in indoor swimming pool facilities, gyms, weight/exercise rooms, aerobic areas and other recreational settings. The EFPs wall and ceiling acoustic panels are specially engineered to retain their acoustic integrity and durability, even in natatoriums and other humid environments. Easily installed, these fire- and graffiti-resistant unit panels are ideal for new construction or renovation projects.

Eckel Industries Inc.: 617-491-3221


Constructed of 14-gauge steel, Salsbury's extra-wide vented lockers provide visibility and maximum airflow with ample storage space for athletic and other environments. Established in 1936, Salsbury Industries is a leader in manufacturing and distributing quality lockers. The organization prides itself in providing quality products and exceptional service. Products include Standard, Vented, Designer, Extra Wide, Open Access, Plastic, Storage Lockers, signage and mailboxes. Visit the Web site or call for a free catalog or additional information.

Salsbury Industries: 800-LOCKERS (562-5377)