Ready, Aim, Spread

The Earth & Turf MultiSpreadTM 200 spreads a variety of materials—topdressings, crumbed rubber, infield mix for baseball infields, chips on pathways and salt-sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways—with a capacity of 15 cubic feet and spread width up to 60 inches. With a ground drive or hydraulic drive, the Model 200 can be pulled easily by many tow vehicles. Light material sides are available to virtually double capacity when spreading light materials, offering a maximum load capacity of 2,200 pounds. An available wing kit for the rear shield permits easy control of spread pattern width and direction.

Earth & Turf Products LLC: 888-693-2638

On the Prowl

The Mid Cut Prowler offers versatile design with options in engine selections, collection systems and mulching. Articulating, floating decks are an industry exclusive with Encore. A pivot system allows both front wheels to maintain ground contact over all kinds of terrain. Each side of the deck floats at a level distance above the ground, resulting in an even cut through the whole job. Whether you've got a two-hour job or you're on the mower all day, the Mid Cut Prowler gives a car-like ride for every job.

Encore Power Equipment: 800-267-4255

Cleanup Time

The SweepEx Pro 720 is an environmentally friendly, economical and effective solution. Built with a 72-inch long mainframe, the Pro 720 comes standard with a fork hitch and is available with three-point rigid and bucket-lip mounting kits. With these attachment options, the SweepEx series is adaptable to many service vehicles, including riding mowers. SweepEx brooms include no moving parts, eliminating cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings. With a multitude of optional accessories, including heavy-duty magnetic bar, debris/leaf pusher, dust mop kit, edge markers, debris collector ends and length-enhancing wing sets, the Pro 720 can be manipulated to address various job demands.

TrynEx International: 800-725-8377

Clean Cut

The HR-9016 TurboTM Rotary Mower from Jacobsen® combines power and productivity like no other wide-area rotary mower on the market—without sacrificing quality of cut. Driven by a turbocharged 90-horsepower diesel engine, the 16-foot-wide cutting swath can mow up to 16.5 acres per hour, perfect for big jobs associated with parks, municipal grounds, sports fields and golf courses. The 92-inch front deck and the two outside deck winglets pivot up 20 degrees to reduce scalping on undulating surfaces. Standard four-wheel hydraulic drive and an 18-inch uncut circle turning radius allow this machine to perform at the highest level under any conditions on all types of terrain.

Jacobsen: 888-922-tcrf

Easy Rider

The D-Series ToolcatTM 5600 utility work machine can accomplish many of the same tasks as a compact tractor, attachment carrier, utility vehicle, pickup truck and more. True four-wheel independent suspension makes for a smooth ride with maximum traction. Exclusive limited slip differentials provide four-wheel drive traction automatically and manage power distribution. The spine frame delivers strength and component protection. Also new is a cooling package, onboard diagnostics and machine shutdown protection feature. With more than 38 available attachments, the D-Series ToolcatTM 5600 is a one-of-a-kind machine.

Bobcat Company: 866-823-7898

Clean Green

Broyhill's new SaniTurfTM is designed to spray athletic hygiene products, disinfectants, sanitizers, fungicides, virucides and mildew-stats. SaniTurfTM provides up to a 30-foot spray swatch at 40 psi. SaniTurfTM is specially designed to work with TurfStat ProTM , which is ideal for synthetic athletic surfaces, artificial turf, all-purpose flooring and indoor fieldhouse turf. The SaniTurfTM unit comes in three sizes: 80-gallon, 110-gallon and 160-gallon. All three low-profile poly tanks feature an easy-to-reach tank fill well and 12-inch lid.

Broyhill Company: 800-228-1003

Problems Solved

Fieldmaster Infield Groomer comes as a four- or six-foot three-point hitch machine or easily converts into a drag machine with the new slide hitch. Every unit features a scarifier, dual leveling bar, roller, weight/utility tray and textured brush. If your field is uneven, has standing water or drainage ruts, the Fieldmaster Infield Groomer is the answer. Correct your problem areas in minutes, not ours. Used at the Boys and Girls College World Series, National Baseball Congress, 1996 Olympics and in all 50 states, the Fieldmaster Infield Groomer leaves the skinned area tournament-ready the first time and every time.

Fieldmaster: 800-728-3581