Spa Treatment

SeaKlear is now offering its patented PRS product specifically for spas. SeaKlear's PRS product is EPA-approved for trapping Cryptosporidium using a patented technology for flocculation of crypto from recreational water. PRS is a viable means of enhanced filtration to effectively trap crypto as well as E. coli and algae by enhancing a filter's ability to remove particles that are too small to be trapped by filter technology alone. Using a two-part system of natural biopolymers, PRS also effectively reduces turbidity and cloudiness that occur in spas.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-995-5327


Quaker Plastic Corp. offers a convenient and affordable discharge hose for pool professionals, available in 1 1/4-, 1 1/2-, 2-, 3- and 4-inch-diameter thickness. The 3-inch and 4-inch heavy-duty discharge hose makes for an economical substitute for expensive hoses used for draining and filling pools and large bodies of water. Hose comes in rolls of 25, 35 or 50 feet and also in spools of 150 and 200 feet. This hose is easy to repair as damaged hose can be bonded with PVC cement using piece cut off end. A stainless-steel clamp is included on all 25-foot, 35-foot and 50-foot lengths.

Quaker Plastic Corp.: 717-285-4571

Hot Stuff

Pentair Commercial Pool & Aquatics has introduced a new commercial-grade water heater called the Power Max. This new model is CSA Certified and offers a reliable heater that comes in either natural gas or propane and uses fan-assisted and filtered combustion air. The system offers dual ignition for models greater than 750,000 BTUs and comes with a built-in mixing system to eliminate condensation. The unit is designed to fit through all standard doorways and is available in 200/208 as well as 575-volt models.

Pentair Commercial Pool & Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Intense Play

IntensityTM is an innovative play complex designed to address the alarming rate of obesity and inactivity in children. The components have an innovative look and feel, which intrigues and challenges children from 5 to 12. Rather than traditional slides, decks and climbers, Intensity components are more fitness-oriented and challenging, including grids of rope to work muscles whether climbing up or down, spinners that promote flexibility and core torso strengthening, discs that call for balance and agility, and gliders that promote coordination. With components located at ground level, there are unlimited access points and room for more kids to play.

BCI Burke Company: 800-266-1250

Clean Up

GymWipes Anti-Bacterial formula PLUS provides the highest level of disinfectant wipes for all health club and equipment surfaces. The freshly scented formula is effective against E. coli, staph infections, MRSA, tuberculosis, HIV-1 and the Norwalk virus. Alcohol-free, phenol-free and bleach-free, GymWipes will keep your health club and equipment clean and safe.

2XL Corporation: 888-977-3726