One Size Fits All

The Aristo CR-2 is U.S.-designed and -developed with a revolutionary swing-arm step-through design. The swing-arm design allows easy access to users of all sizes. Seat adjustment runs on twin 1-inch guide rods with heavy-duty linear bearings, making the CR-2 one of the most solid seats in the industry. The 15-inch LCD TV offers channel tuner, video card reader, AV select and DVD inputs, and is cable-ready. Workout data can be continuously displayed while watching TV or users can toggle data on screen back and forth as desired.

Fitness Master Inc.: 866-434-8639

Strength Selections

Power Lift's Pro Select line is the first selectorized product line to feature 4-inch by 3-inch 7-gauge steel tubing construction. Standard features include extra-large pads for user comfort, weight stack guards, and heavy weight stacks with 10-pound increment weight plates and a 5-pound add-on weight. The Pro Select line can accommodate a wide range of training needs, from heavy-duty strength conditioning to rehab. Featured equipment in the Pro Select line includes: Seated Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raise, Lat Pull Down, Seated Row, Prone Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Tricep Kickback and Seated Row.

Power-Lift: 800-872-1543

Fight Fat

The Futrex-62 Near-Infrared Body Composition Analyzer is a lower-cost alternative to the widely used Futrex-6100. The Futrex-62 sports a modern 21st-century design and features a large, easy-to-read LCD display. It provides a detailed body composition analysis, including total percent body fat along with a breakdown of the amounts of essential body fat, reserve body fat and excess body fat. It also provides total lean body mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate and normalized body hydration level. The Futrex-62 offers optional add-ons, including high-speed printer to produce hard-copy test results and Futrex's Bodyometry Software to provide more in-depth interpretation of individual test results.

Futrex: 800-576-0295

Healthy Options

Creative Health Products, in business since 1976, is a leading discount supplier of rehabilitation, fitness, exercise and athletic equipment, as well as health, medical, fitness testing and measuring products. Products include heart rate monitors, blood pressure testers, pulse oximeters, body fat calipers, scales, strength testers, flexibility testers, stethoscopes, pedometers, exercise bikes, ergometers, stopwatches, fitness books and software, exercise bands, step benches, hand and finger exercisers, heating pads and more.

Creative Health Products: 800-742-4478


Now there is an attractive way to keep your stability balls off the floor and under control with the new Power Systems Premium Stability Ball Tree. Available in two sizes, these tubular steel trees hold six or 12 balls on 13-inch diameter rings. The solid steel "rings" are welded to independent rotating arms that extend from the center post and can be adjusted to fit your space. Locking casters keep the tree in place, or unlock the wheels to take the equipment where it is needed. Holds balls from 45 to 85 centimeters.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Innovative Elliptical

Vision Fitness® designs and distributes award-winning elliptical trainers. The X6850HRT Series commercial-grade elliptical trainer is loaded with innovation. A unique ramp incline feature allows users to adjust pedal motion for an enhanced full-body workout. The blue backlit LCD display is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. Equipped with 12 different innovative workout programs, such as Sprint 8 and four Heart Rate Training programs, this new elliptical trainer also features a fan with high and low settings and a height adjustment control to accommodate individual users.

Vision Fitness: 800-335-4348

Weights and Floors

Kraiburg® Solid Rubber Weight Plates fit all Olympic Standard Bars. They reduce noise and damage to floors. Constructed of 100 percent solid rubber, each weight comes with an anti-rust metal bushing. They are available in black and Olympic colors. Flexgard® Interlocking Tiles for fitness and workout areas are moisture and odor-resistant, and also protect your existing floors. Ideal for weight rooms, cardio areas and circuit training areas. They come in 2-foot by 2-foot tiles and also are available in rolls.

Fitness Rubber: 888-894-0204

Maximize Space

Endorphin's 325 Functional Wall Pulley is a wall-mounted, space-saving pulley to maximize usage in facilities with minimal space. A multitude of exercises, including lat pull-downs, bicep curls and chest flies can be performed using the 325 Functional Wall Pulley. Features include a 75-pound weight stack in 5-pound increments, swivel handles for a wide range of motion, and adjustable, rotating arms. The rotating arms adjust from ground level to a full 7 feet—90 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically to maximize versatility in exercise.

Endorphin Corporation: 800-940-9844