Evolution of Play

EvosTM playsystem from Landscape Structures is so strikingly different from anything older kids have ever seen on the playground that it exerts a gravitational force on their urge to play. With Evos, play is possible in every direction, and no two play experiences are ever the same. Evos is ideal for children who thrive on unstructured imaginative play, and it keeps kids playing longer and with greater physical exertion.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-4FUNLSI (438-6574)

All-Access Play

BigToys® Summit SeriesTM offers a new twist in barrier-free playground designs that also provide both social and physical play opportunities. Recognizable activities are grouped to fit in reduced spaces and are arranged to be accessible from ground level. The open architecture of the Summit Series encourages exploration of the entire structure while also maximizing sight lines, allowing for easy supervision. Like all BigToys play equipment, the Summit Series contains no PVC and is available in a choice of materials, including reclaimed steel or sustainably harvested wood. Founded in 1970, BigToys is a leading manufacturer of environmentally sensible commercial play equipment.

BigToys Inc.: 866-814-8697

Going Green?

We're already there. Visit to view the new Early Childhood product line. Leading manufacturing of Recycled Plastic Play Systems, Play Mart's playgrounds contain 100 percent recycled plastic with a 100-year warranty. Virtually maintenance-free: no fading, cleans easily, graffiti removes instantly, vandal-resistant stainless-steel hardware and metal components won't corrode or rust. Play Mart celebrates 27 years of designing and manufacturing creative, age-group-specific play systems, fitness equipment, swings, site amenities and ADA-accessible components that meet and exceed current safety standards. Play Mart is a woman-owned small business manufacturing genuine "green" products.

Play Mart Inc.: 866-630-5178

Theme Park

Story Makers is a collection of four distinctive themes that can be mixed or matched in any combination. Themes include Rescue, Home, Ocean and Jungle. Kompan research has found that by combining different themes within one structure, children's play experience is enriched and expanded. Story Makers structures offer places for climbing, balancing, sliding, crawling and socializing. The upper area provides ample room for many children to play and provides access to many activities on either side. The bright colors reinforce the multiple themes by signaling play, and the soft shapes create a warm and comfortable setting.

Kompan Inc.: 800-426-9788

Fat Fight

Tot Fitness Signs are a fun way for preschool-age children to develop good exercise habits. With activities such as walk, run, skip, dance, jump and hop presented in word and picture formats, "exercise" and "play" become interchangeable. Designed for commercial use, the durable signs measure 16 inches by 14 inches and are mounted on a 6-foot-tall post with a 4-inch diameter (allowing for 2 feet of post to be anchored in the ground). Posts are made of EcoPlay®, created from recycled post-consumer HDPE plastic. Signs can be used in parks and recreation settings in conjunction with adult circuit training paths, allowing young children and parents to exercise together.

Safeplay Systems: 800-260-7218

Play Music

GT Jams is revolutionizing the playground with sound. Based on traditional African and Caribbean instruments, these fun new musical play components encourage children of all ages and abilities to create musical harmony. Facility owners can also take learning outdoors by adding the GT Jams Playbook, the first program guide for playgrounds that meets the national guidelines for both music and physical education. The Playbook offers activities for both PreK-2nd and 3rd-5th grade so activities are age-appropriate. GT Jams can be added to a composite play structure, or used in ground-level groupings to create free-standing jam sessions.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Play the Game

NEOSTM by Playworld Systems Inc. is a unique product bringing electronic gaming to the outdoor play space. NEOS' intriguing design includes four 7-foot-tall columns with interactive sound and buttons. With nine different games and three skill levels to choose from, NEOS can be played by one, two or four players with varying abilities. NEOS is competitive, challenging and fun, while also improving agility, balance, fitness and social skills.

Playworld Systems Inc.: 800-233-8404

Climb High

SPI announced its newest playground climber, the CliffHanger. This climber is a great workout for older children as it provides the challenge of an overhanging cliff. It allows children to use their strength and dexterity to conquer the challenge. The opposite side of CliffHanger provides easy access for younger children to make a climb to the top. The overhang provides a great hand-over-hand upper-body strength challenge. Use one or many to create original and interesting climbing walls.

Spi Play Components: 800-269-6533