Line of the Times

Krylon® Line-Up® paints set a standard for quality and convenience in the turf management industry. Line-Up® is sold in both 5-gallon pails and 20-ounce aerosol cans with the new universal tip that will fit all striping machines on the market. Line-Up® paints are formulated for sharp, bright lines that will not harm the grass or wash away in the rain. They come with a non-clogging spray tip, are VOC-compliant and are free of lead hazards. There are many colors to choose from in both the Line-Up® 5-gallon pails and the Line-Up® 20-ounce cans.

Ultimate Athletic Paints Inc.: 800-218-1383

Mow and Mulch

Completely re-engineered from the ground up, the HRC commercial mowers are enhanced with Honda's exclusive MicroCutTM twin-blade mulching technology. The existing HRC Series will be replaced by two models: the self-propelled, hydrostatic drive HRC216HXA and push-type HRC216PDA. Key new features include: dome-shaped deck design to facilitate bagging and mulching while delivering finer clipping particles; offset twin-blade MicroCut System; new hydrostatic cruise control transmission that has been redesigned for increased durability and higher top speed; stronger handlebars that are now adjustable for height; front bumper tie down for transport and engine protection; and Xenoy wheels with axle protectors.

Honda Power Equipment: 800-426-7701

Naturally Clear

SeaKlear®'s new and improved Natural Clarifier is 25 percent stronger than its well-known clarifier, and naturally clarifies cloudy pool water, removes excess oils and lotions to prevent scum and improves filter efficiency by suspending particles on the filter media surface without clogging—making filters quicker and easier to clean. SeaKlear Natural Clarifier is a proven effective and reliable product that is safe to use with all sanitizers (even ozone and mineral ionizers). Easy and simple to use, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier is truly natural—with no thickeners added—so it will not harm animals, plants or fish.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 888-282-6766

Sensor Solution

CAT Controllers introduced the first pH and ORP sensors backed by a full three-year warranty. They also feature a flat tip design to drastically reduce cleaning and maintenance. These sensors are fully compatible with salt chlorine generators and are a direct upgrade to any pH ORP controller.

CAT Controllers: 800-657-2287

Wow Appeal

Sportable Scoreboards launched the all-new Sportable Scoreboards' LegacyTM Series (patent pending). Customers will receive the same superior, uncompromising quality and craftsmanship they've come to expect from Sportable Scoreboards, but with a one-of-a-kind visual wow-appeal that is unlike anything they've ever seen. The LegacyTM series features exciting "shape" scoreboards, such as scoreboards in the shape of sports balls, sports fields, sports equipment, states, flags and much more. The result is a class of its own—a revolutionary shift in the scoreboard industry toward an amazing scoring experience and jaw-dropping visual appeal.

Sportable Scoreboards: 888-495-7446

High Precision

The Hach Accu3TM Portable Colorimeter is a high-precision digital meter specifically customized for the pool and spa market. The new meter delivers accuracy comparable to lab instruments and tests three critical parameters: total chlorine, free chlorine and pH. This meter uses fast-dissolving DPD powder pillow reagents for total and free chlorine packaged in single doses so there is no need for measuring. The pH test uses a convenient dropper-tip bottle of phenol red. Once the sample cell is placed into the meter, digital results appear in just 5 seconds. The meter stores the last 10 measurements, along with the time each was taken.

Environmental Test Systems Inc.: 888-AquaChek (278-2243)

Spray It

The Eco-Liner SP retains all the features of the gasoline-powered Eco-Liner II, plus it adds the speed and convenience of being self-propelled. Now with the Qwik-Lock hands-free spray trigger, the Eco-Liner SP offers the convenience of activating the spray trigger just once without having to continually squeeze the trigger while striping. A quick second squeeze stops the spray. Weighing only 125 pounds, the Eco-Liner SP is maneuverable and easy to control. Both the Eco-Liner II and Eco-Liner SP models incorporate a direct-drive industrial-grade diaphragm pump coupled to a 3.5-hp engine, providing paint pressure up to 60 psi. Bi-directional spray head makes great lines in just one pass.

Newstripe Inc.: 800-624-6706

Suck it Up

Pentair Commercial Pool and AquaticsTM now offers a single-stage end suction commercial pump with capacities of 2,500 GPM ideal for waterparks, swimming pools and water features. The Aurora 340 pump is a quiet, smooth-running pump with a back ‘pull-out' design that simplifies disassembly. The unit also offers a power frame providing maximum interchangeability for flexible coupled, horizontally or vertical mounted applications and a rear support foot, which simplifies coupling alignment. Each unit is precision-cast with dynamically balanced, enclosed impellers and is hydrostatically tested at the factory to guarantee casting and seal integrity.

Pentair Commercial Pool & Spa: 800-831-7133