Efficient Enclosures

ATRIA Commercial Pool Enclosures has improved its efficiency by assembling the enclosure's superstructure and framing members in CCSI International Inc.'s manufacturing plant, and welding connections into the largest pieces possible in a controlled environment. The superstructure is stronger and shortens field installation time. Additional features include: choice of baked-on color-coated superstructure and framing members, electric opening roof system, insulated light-transmitting polycarbonate roof glazing, and sliding glass doors with screens. Delivered on company trucks. Design assistance and installation available on request.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231

Moveable Guards

Spectrum Products offers a new portable lifeguard chair made of recycled high-density polyethylene material with colorants and UV inhibitors. The Mendota ships with little assembly required, is resistant to corrosive substances, does not absorb moisture, will not rot, splinter or crack, and is available in two sizes. Umbrella and rescue tube holder included.

Spectrum Products: 800-791-8056

Rescue Tube

Recreonics offers a traditional wrap-around tube designed for beach, lake and swimming pool rescues. This rescue tube can be handed to a victim for a close-in assist, used to reach a struggling victim without contact or to tow a passive unconscious victim. Made of closed-cell ensolite foam covered in a heavy-duty red vinyl skin with a 49-inch tow line with 28-inch looped end and quick-release buckle.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

Coating Solution

The Fibre Tech process is one of the most durable coatings produced for today's pool renovation needs. The Fibre Tech coating is designed for any situation that demands a seamless, waterproof barrier that permanently adheres to any structurally sound surface. Fibre Tech can also help reduce the cost of your pool maintenance, so you may benefit immediately from your newly refinished pool.

Fibre Tech Inc.: 800-393-7283

Swim Shop

The new 160-page Recreation Supply Company commercial swimming pool catalog offers almost any item you might need for your pool facility, aquatic athletics or swim programs. Many new and updated items have been added for 2008. Ordering is easy and convenient. In-stock orders are typically shipped within one business day.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Helping Hand

Aquatic Access Inc. builds water-powered lifts that provide access to pools and spas for handicapped and elderly people, including those requiring heavy-duty lifts and larger seats. Powered by the environmentally friendly and readily available power of ordinary city water pressure, each Aquatic Access lift is built to fit the pool where it is to be used. Every lift includes all necessary components for a complete installation in its base price. Aquatic Access offers the tried and true way to provide the least expensive ADA-compliant access to aquatic activities for everyone.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 800-325-5438

Life Savers

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors, bacteria, mold and mildew. Aquam's new life vests are treated with an antimicrobial agent. Designed to keep an unconscious person's head out of water in calm conditions and assist them in rough water, the Aquam vest offers the best features: head support floating collar with safety grab loop, two-color design for easy sizing, waist belt and crotch strap with side-release buckles and corrosion-proof zipper.

Aquam Aquatic Specialist Inc.: 877-766-5872

Solar Powered

Heliocol is one of the world's largest solar pool heating manufacturers and creator of the Individual Tube DesignTM . Heliocol's 12-year warranty, full-flow design and commitment to customer service are only a few of the reasons it was chosen to heat the pools for the 1996, 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Heliocol solar pool heating systems work in any climate and offer payback in as little as three to five years. Save thousands on your pool heating bills with Heliocol Solar Pool Heating.

Heliocol: 727-556-0804