The Air in There

Acu-Trol, a division of Pentair Pool & Spa, announced its new AKColor—a system for treatment of combined chlorine, or chloramines. The AKColor continuously measures levels of chloramines and shocks as needed using commonly available chlorine or non-chlorine. The AKColor offers an adjustable sample time to increase the life of the DPD solution. Accurate PPM measurements make the AKColor an ideal monitoring tool for salt systems and allows for total off-site control through Internet or modem. The AKColor is perfect for indoor commercial pools to reduce smelly odor produced by chloramines, which irritates eyes and produces poor air quality.

Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers: 800-273-4667

Water Play

The Splashpad®, a zero-depth aquatic solution, offers an exciting, progressive experience using various water activities to move Splashpadders through the play process. Engaging water movements, along with interactive and passive play, are incorporated into each Splashpad® design. Full Splashpad® automation and choice of water management systems produce a refreshing and enlightening water experience.

Vortex Aquatic Structures Intl: 877-5-VORTEX (586-7839)

Easy Arrow

Quaker Plastic Corp. now offers a patented control joint with a unique arrow shape that presses easily into concrete. There are no channels to obstruct installation, and the unit locks into the concrete with minimal seepage. The control joint comes complete with double-thick peel-off tape to protect the top during installation. Ideal for pool decks and other landscaping/path/concrete pours. Available in 12-foot lengths in white, tan or gray.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

Water Worlds

Water's Edge Aquatic Design is an aquatic engineering firm specializing in the evaluation, planning and design of swimming pools, aquatic centers, waterparks and spraygrounds. Water's Edge provides services for municipalities, school districts, Y organizations, universities, park and recreation departments and commissions, private developments and more.

Waters Edge Aquatic Design: 913-438-4338

Nice and Clean

Water Tech announced a new commercial-grade version of its popular battery-operated Pool BlasterTM pool vacuum but with extra, heavy-duty components. The Pool BlasterTM CG (Commercial Grade) is 33 percent stronger than the standard Pool BlasterTM , making it ideal for commercial-grade use. The unit is a re-chargeable, battery-powered, self-contained underwater vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to clean the entire pool, from algae and sand to large leaves and debris. The unit connects to any vacuum pole and cleans without hoses, and will work for up to one hour before needing to be recharged. The patented new vacuum head can be used on both vinyl liner and concrete pools.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Sound the Alarm

Introduced in 1998, the Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm is an effective last line of defense to protect a child (or pet) from water accidents by sounding an alarm the instant he or she falls or ventures into the water. The Safety Turtle wireless gate alarm extends this protection to the perimeter of the pool or property fence by reinforcing its weakest link. One Base Station supports any number of Turtle wristbands and gate sensors of the same color. Safety Turtle provides uninterrupted protection of a toddler in the presence of any water hazard, at home and away.

Terrapin Communications Inc.: 613-271-0050

Test Takers

LaMotte Company announced the new ColorQ PRO7 Handheld Pool Photometer (Code #2056). The photometer measures seven primary pool tests, including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. The photometer is easy to use and features economical liquid reagents. The ColorQ eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations or the use of look-up tables, thus taking the guesswork out of poolside water analysis. The ColorQ and reagents are packaged in a carrying case.

LaMotte Company: 800-344-3100

A Tight Race

Competitor Swim Products is now distributing the Titeline swimming-lane tightener for creating optimal training and competition environments. Titeline is easy to install and simple to operate. After initial installation, no tools are required. Simply twist or untwist the Titeline adjuster in order to adjust racing-lane tension. Because Titeline does not twist the cable each time tension is adjusted, there is no wear and tear on the swimming-lane cable. Constructed of durable, non-corrosive materials, the Titeline will not rust or crack if dropped on the pool deck. Equipped with a non-slip rubberized grip and available in four vibrant colors.

Competitor Swim Products: 800-888-SWIM (7946)