No More Stain Pains

Applied Biochemists is a brand pros use for tough jobs. When it comes to stain removal and prevention, a combination of Staintrine, Removit and Resist is ideal, because all three have strong stain-fighting formulas. Used in a regular maintenance program, these stain removers keep pools clean and clear. Removit is a biodegradable, granular formulation that removes existing metal stains without draining. Staintrine is a combination sequestering agent and stain remover. And Resist is a long-lasting sequestering agent that prevents minerals and metals in source water from staining pool surfaces.

Applied Biochemists: 800-445-2059

Shower Power

Shower Tower is an outdoor shower constructed of a high-grade polymer/plastic designed for beach, volleyball, park and resort/pool use. Shower Tower's vandal-resistant design includes the column, which will never rust or need painting; self-closing, push-button control valves; and severe service, stainless and chrome-plated brass fixtures and hardware. Each tower can provide up to six user stations arranged in any combination of shower heads and foot-wash nozzles. Serves many in a small space. Easy to install and maintain, Shower Tower features a handsome design in a variety of colors.

Shower Tower Inc.: 800-330-9073

Filtration Solutions

Nemato Corp. is an industry leader in the aquatics market with its National LineTM of Fluid Filtration products. The full range of fiberglass 50 and 100 psi top or end mount filters, strainers, main drains, piping kits, balance tanks, float valves and mechanical room controllers can satisfy all your filtration needs.

Nemato Corporation: 800-361-5025

Play and Spray

AquaPlay multi-level play structures are fun for the entire family. Loaded with interactive play features, such as tipping buckets, slides, net climbs and lots of splashing water. Available in many different sizes, colors and themes, the possibilities are unlimited.

Whitewater West: 800-775-4337

Sit On It

Known for their lifeguard chairs, Tailwind Furniture has a complete line of furniture, including benches for casual seating and locker rooms, chaises lounges, Adirondack chairs and rockers, bar and pub sets, dining groups and more. Tailwind Furniture is high-quality and extremely durable, manufactured using recycled plastic lumber and stainless-steel fasteners, virtually maintenance-free (no straps or cushions to replace), and versatile enough for all climates. These furnishings never need painting or staining, and will not rot or splinter.

Tailwind Furniture: 815-895-4247

Take the Next Step

Though an aquatic lift is a beginning, AquaTrek is the next step that gives you more to offer your clients. With AquaTrek, your organization can give a forward-walking entry and exit for the pool that is dignified, safe and easy. Custom-designed for each facility, with portability built into the design, pools can maintain services for both competitive and therapeutic clients. AquaTrek has a 600-pound durability rating and a proven track record for quality. Customer service will aid in your choice to help you gain the best AquaTrek access for your facility.

Rehab Systems LLC: 800-726-8620

Control Your Environment

The Seresco NE Series is a complete solution for indoor pool environment control, offering innovative features never before seen in the industry. Using adaptive control strategies combined with sophisticated electronics and the latest in Internet technology, Seresco can be connected with a secure Web browser to every unit installed worldwide via the Internet. Seresco systems are some of the most reliable in the dehumidification and energy recycling industry market today. The Seresco NE Series is a new industry standard that advances the benchmark for customer satisfaction.

Seresco Inc.: 888-737-3726

UV Solution

The Kiefer/Aquafine UVLogic Systems are NSF 50 certified, American-made, low-pressure, high-output amalgam lamp systems. Chloramine reduction and pathogen disinfection, especially cryptosporidium, are the hallmarks of these "clean air, clean water" systems. Kiefer has installed UV systems in aquatic venues and waterpark facilities throughout the United States. "Green" energy conservation found in the systems will reduce energy consumption, maintenance cost and chlorine usage.

Adolph Kiefer & Associates: 224-789-2667