Ready for Rescue

The 40- and 50-inch rescue tubes are made with the highest-quality foam available. The vinyl coating provides for a long and durable service life. The rugged nylon straps are wide around the shoulder area to provide comfort for the lifeguard, and the connecting strap is securely attached to the tube for peace of mind while rescuing. The 40-inch comes with two quick-release buckles to fit your needs. The 50-inch has no buckles.

Water Gear: 800-794-6432

Suit Up

When it comes time to provide lifeguard suits, look no further than Gulbenkian Swim's polyester guard suits. The chlorine-resistant, four-way-stretch polyester is a very special new fabric developed to ensure superior durability while affording great comfort and fit.

Gulbenkian Swim: 800-431-2586

Super Sensory

CAT Controllers introduced the first pH and ORP sensors backed by a full three-year warranty. They also feature a flat tip design to drastically reduce cleaning and maintenance. These sensors are fully compatible with salt chlorine generators and are a direct upgrade to any pH ORP Controller.

CAT Controllers: 800-657-2287

Easy Access

Aqua Creek offers the versatile, multi-use Pro Pool Lift. The only lift of its kind, the Pro Pool Lift can function as an anchored or semi-portable lift, and can also be converted to a completely portable lift. Each option can be ordered with the lift or purchased at a later time for field conversion. Contact Aqua Creek for more information and a local supplier.

Aqua Creek: 888-687-3552

In the Ozone

Prozone Water Products introduced the PZ2 Series for pools up to 400,000 gallons. The PZ2 series are compressor-driven ozone systems that can inject ozone under almost any hydraulic condition, including pools with in-floor cleaners. The systems are built with commercial-grade compressors, solid-state power supplies, Prozone's advanced hybrid ozone generator and muffling to ensure quiet operation. The non-compressor-driven PZ2-4V model is ideal for pools up to 100,000 gallons. The PZ2-4V operates using a patented venturi bypass or external compressor only, and is suitable for a broad range of applications, including commercial, institutional and residential pools.

Prozone Water Products: 800-632-6462

Chemistry Control

Becs Technology Inc. is a diversified design, engineering, manufacturing and service firm dedicated to providing innovative and reliable solutions to the aquatics, agriculture, refrigeration and library automation markets. In the aquatics market, Becs specializes in water chemistry and automated backwash controls. Products are designed and manufactured at the company's 24,000-square-foot plant located in St. Louis. The facility houses Becs' full-scale Circuit-Board Assembly Department, with both surface mount and through-hole capabilities, its Product Engineering Department, and also the company's Product Testing Lab, where all designs are rigorously tested and qualified prior to release.

Becs Technology: 314-567-0088


Structures Unlimited offers next-generation daylighting solutions for building systems, allowing architects to manage usable daylight and custom-tune the energy performance of any Clearspan Skyroof or entire structure. Highly insulating, diffuse-light transmitting panels eliminate glare and shadows while providing superior energy performance. Various combinations of translucent Kalwall structural sandwich panels, including revolutionary Nanogel®, can be integrated with opaque insulated metal panels to provide an endless array of energy options from R-4 to R-46. Motorized operating panels are available. The systems can span areas up to 150 feet. Manufactured in the United States to meet or exceed all local building codes.

Structures Unlimited Inc.: 800-225-3895

Safe When Wet

Natare Corp. has specifically designed NataDek for wet recreational environments, waterparks, aquatic facilities, swimming pools and locker rooms. NataDek is a specially formulated PVC/polyester composite that can be installed over concrete, tile, masonry and wood surfaces to provide a waterproof, slip-resistant surface. It resists staining, deterioration, delamination, cracking and ultraviolet light. NataDek provides a safe and sanitary floor surface. Add SoftDek Safety Padding for up to 4 inches of soft landings. Applied under NataDek, SoftDek is closed-cell energy-absorbing foam that reduces the risk of injuries from falls or slide landings.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828