Killer Chlorinators

Whether you've got a small splash park or a large waterpark, algae and bacteria don't stand a chance against the Accu-Tab Chlorination System from PPG Industries. The high-delivery tablet system offers a small footprint and excellent storage and handling. Rugged and reliable, and requiring only yearly preventative checks and cleaning, the Accu-Tab® System is nearly maintenance-free. PPG offers a range of PowerBase chlorinators that can handle up to 2 million gallons.

PPG Industries: 800-245-2974

Energy Misers

Flexible Solutions manufactures HeatsavrTM and EcosavrTM , "the original liquid solar pool cover." In addition to being tested and proven completely safe and biodegradable, HeatsavrTM greatly reduces heat loss, and is guaranteed to save energy and water in every pool. Energy savings of up to 40 percent can be expected, and the reduction of evaporation and humidity in indoor pools also lowers the cost of air conditioning and maintenance. HeatsavrTM and EcosavrTM are easy to use, inexpensive and effective for all shapes and sizes of indoor and outdoor pools.

Flexible Solutions: 800-661-3560


The all-new 2008 edition of Neptune-Benson's Accessory Handbook is now available. More than 500 accessories are featured in this handy guide including Neptune-Benson's newest product release, the Adjustable Pump Base. This uniquely designed pump base is available in two sizes and fits almost any motor up to 75 horsepower. The Accessory Handbook contains dozens of updated, full-color reference photos, enabling easy product recognition as well as accurate part numbers and descriptions for quick and easy ordering. This user-friendly guide is available free. E-mail to get your copy.

Neptune-Benson: 800-832-8002

Easy Heating

Now with a special new plastic shell, the E-Zee Flow Heater for pools, spas and hot tubs features corrosion resistance for a longer life, enhanced heat transfer and a removable head for thorough cleaning. The E-Zee Flow Indirect Pool Heater saves money and extends the pool season because it uses energy from an existing boiler. It saves on installation and energy costs as well. There is no unsightly outdoor equipment to add noise and odors. A full range of sizes are available for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, for residential and commercial applications. The E-Zee Flow comes with induced self-cleaning feature for added convenience.

Diversified Heat Transfer Inc.: 800-221-1522

Outside In

"A business person always hopes they make the right decision at the right time. We decided to use the OpenAire building for our waterpark enclosure. With the OpenAire building we get to use our park year-round. With the glass enclosure, you get to enjoy the view outside without the chilly temperatures of fall and winter. And on those sunny days, we can open the roof for the ultimate experience of the great outdoors while still indoors. It also saves with our HVAC system, we can shut it down with the roof open, saving money. And during the day, no lights are required." –Donnie Patton, Co-Owner

Openaire: 800-267-4877

Long-Lasting Coating

Eco-Choice Rubber, Epoxy and Vinyl Swimming Pool Coatings are the next generation in ecology-sensitive VOC pool coatings. Eco-Choice pool coatings provide durable, trouble-free performance and 100 percent compatibility with previous coatings. Easy application, high-gloss finish and excellent film integrity. Unlike inferior pool paints, high-quality pigments are stone-ground for hours into Eco-Choice Coatings to provide long-lasting color. Eco-Choice premium resins are formulated especially for the harsh chemically treated environment of the swimming pool.

Sau-Sea Swimming Pool Products Inc.: 800-4-SAUSEA

Supply Shop

WMS Aquatics has been providing commercial swimming pool equipment and supplies to the aquatic industry since 1972. WMS supplies cities, YMCAs, school districts, colleges, homeowners associations and many others with a commercial-size pool. Handicap access, water toys, diving, lifeguard, cleaning and deck equipment and more—a complete line to meet all your aquatic needs.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

Dream Spa

A custom spa by Diamond Spa is not only beautiful, it's smart. Stainless steel offers unmatched durability and design flexibility. Stainless steel has a superior corrosion resistance. It will not fade, crack or blister. Metal offers endless design options. Whether you are looking for a rectangular spa or circular spa with interior descending stairway, Diamond Spas can fabricate the spa of your dreams. Hydrotherapy exercise areas, loungers, individual cradling seats, custom jet placement and packages are all options. The DSI spa line also consists of custom spas, both stainless steel and copper, swim spas, cold plunge pools and water features.

Diamond Spas: 800-951-SPAS (7727)