Top Tables

Southern Aluminum manufactures all-aluminum folding tables and picnic tables. Aluminum allows the company to offer lightweight, durable and easy-to-handle tables. The quality of Southern Aluminum's products allows the company to offer a lifetime guarantee. The AluliteTM folding table will not crack, rust or warp after extended usage or exposure to heat, moisture or sunlight. With an average weight of only 35 pounds, this table can hold up to 4,000 pounds of distributed weight. With a finish option of anodized or baked-on powder-coat paint, the heavy-duty tables are easy to clean and maintain.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408

Site Outfitters

Custom Curved Benches are available from Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc. The company manufactures a complete line of concrete site furnishings, including litter receptacles, recycling receptacles, cigarette snuffers and banks, benches, table sets, planters and bollards. Other products include benches and litter receptacles with recycled plastic lumber. Custom-made products are also available. Finishes include exposed aggregate and sandblast finish. Special aggregates and colors available. Factory-direct discounts available.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc.: 800-233-3907

Shape Your Space

Urbanscape is redefining what to expect from designer outdoor furniture, but as a division of Wabash Valley—an established company with a reputation for providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. Urbanscape looks at landscapes and envisions shaping them with instruments. Instruments that are sleek, stylish, modern and meant to last a lifetime. That is what Urbanscape offers: instruments to shape public space. The Urbanscape collections are the perfect mix of functionality and design, right for use in any type of project. Choose between several designs and materials.

Wabash Valley Mfg. Inc.: 800-253-8619

Waste Not

JJB Solutions Inc. introduced yet another innovative and unique product designed to save municipalities money. The dog waste bags have been made with a pull strap, which is visible through the small opening in the dispenser. The bags are pulled out one at a time, unlike other methods such as bags on a roll, which are open to abuse and harder to use. The bags are also fully degradable and very cost-effective.

JJB Solutions Inc.: 800-813-4869

Come On In

Litchfield introduced an exclusive line of Centurion All-Steel Swing-Style Entry Gates made from welded tubular steel, which is sandblasted to near-white condition and then coated with the Litchkicker finish. With a standard swing length of 12 feet 6 inches and hinges utilizing 2-ton bearings with locking mechanisms, this new line of entry gates is sure to make a lasting impression on any visitor. Single and Double swing styles are available, as well as custom designs, sizes and colors. Litchfield Landscape Elements also offers shelters, gazebos, fabric shade structures, kiosks, pavilions, pergolas, receptacles, tables, benches and more.

Litchfield Landscape Elements: 800-542-5282

Smoke Out

Smokers' Outpost and Commercial Zone Products by DCI Marketing offer a complete line of litter solutions. There are several styles, colors and materials to choose form that will fit your budget and your location needs. The 38-Gallon Three-Tier Waste container is made from durable polyethylene and is easy to clean and maintain. The dome lid allows access to trash on four sides. Smokers' Outpost's oxygen-restricting design extinguishes cigarettes quickly—no sand or water needed. Security options are available for all units to protect your investment.

DCI Marketing: 866-622-6069

For Thirsty Pups

The new foot-activated Pet Fountain is taking the pet park in a whole new direction. This space-saving product was designed to draw more attention to the water and less attention to the actuator. Most Dependable Fountains' dog models agree that the new Model 350 provides a long drink of water for a thirsty dog. Built with integrity, it is ready to find a home in your local pet park. Choose from 17 colors to enhance your area with a blast of color and a clever addition.

Most Dependable Fountains Inc.: 800-552-6331

Sit On It

Steel Bench 169 by DuMor Inc. features a new 1/4-inch by 1-inch slotted perforated steel seat and flared armrests, along with a contemporary design. Cast-iron supports and stainless-steel fasteners add to the durability of the bench whether used indoors or out. To help complete your site, Bench 169 also comes with a companion ash urn, receptacle and planter. Choose from 6-foot or 8-foot lengths.

DuMor Inc.: 800-598-4018