Cover Up

CoverSports USA announced its new Storage Rack Cover. When not in use, the storage rack cover keeps cover and rack clean, dresses up the rack and prevents people from leaning and climbing on the rack. The cover also can be customized with colors and logo.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Sports Performance

Taraflex® Sport M Plus flooring brings outstanding results to athletic, fitness and recreational facilities. Its built-in performance lets players pivot and turn accurately and rapidly while experiencing true ball bounce. Sport M Plus features a 35 percent shock absorption rate, comfort, safety, durability and is 100 percent recyclable. Proprietary product treatments help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold to reduce the chance of skin-related infections, minimize friction burn risk and resist scuff marks and food spills. Its quick, easy, daily maintenance requires damp mopping with an occasional automatic scrubbing. Sport M Plus comes in two natural wood finishes and 15 colors.

Taraflex® Sports Flooring by Gerflor: 800-727-7505

Tough Enough

Whether they're rolled out, troweled down or set into place, Surface America's floors are as "tuff" as those who use them. With the most complete line of surfacing systems in the world of fitness, Surface America features versatile, durable TuffRollTM —the leader in the speckled roll good product division. Using a proprietary manufacturing and splitting process and the industry's widest collection of recycled rubber, TuffRoll offers consistent density—no soft or hard spots, perfect uniformity and thickness from roll to roll, and no lips at the joints where rolls abut. Custom orders are welcomed.

Surface America Inc.: 800-999-0555


DuraFLEX is the first fitness flooring product capable of combining a number of unique features into one product. At 1.75 inches thick, DuraFLEX provides superior shock and sound absorption. Sof Surfaces' exclusive locking feature allows the surface to be installed simply and precisely without the use of adhesive. The interlocking modular design allows the surface to be picked up and reconfigured to harmonize with changes to the layout of the facility. Available in a wide variety of solid and speckled color blends, DuraFLEX is capable of complementing virtually any décor while providing the extreme durability expected in a fitness flooring product.

Sof Surfaces Inc.: 800-263-2363

A True Bond

Pictured here is a parquet wood gymnasium floor being installed using NORDOT® Adhesive #113D. This one component elastomeric urethane adhesive has excellent adhesion and flexibility, which lets the wood expand and contract without breaking. It fights mold, is VOC-compliant, does not contain flammable or toxic solvents and is low-hazard with a negligible odor. NORDOT® Adhesive #113D bonds wood, rubber, vinyl, urethane/rubber sports surfaces and flooring to concrete, wood and metal sub-surfaces.

Synthetic Surfaces: 908-233-6803

Drains Away

Teproflow vinyl mats' lower underbars are channeled to facilitate water drainage away from the under matting. With this four-way drainage there is never a water buildup. Embossed wave patterns in the mat also make it especially safe against slipping. The full support from two-tier matting and embossed patterns makes Teproflow comfortable underfoot and ideal for barefoot applications. A sanitized antibacterial additive in the vinyl fights fungus and bacteria for additional health safety. Teproflow can easily be cut to the desired length and shape to conform to any area of usage, such as a Jacuzzi, hot tub, locker room, showers or pools. It's equally effective indoors or outdoors and is UV resistant.

Tepromark International Inc.: 800-645-2022

Synthetic Solution

Action Floor Systems, a leading manufacturer of hardwood maple sports floors, has added a multi-use, polyurethane floor to its product line. Action Herculan® is a high-performance, monolithic, non-porous floor featuring urethane topcoat, 2-millimeter coat of seamless, self-leveling polyurethane over a sealed rubber base mat. The Herculan floor provides high uniformity of play and is extremely durable, with excellent tear and tensile strength. A DIN-certified version is available in Herculan PE. Action Herculan floors are available in 16 colors, including shades of beige, gray, green, blue and red.

Action Floor Systems LLC: 800-746-3512

Seamless Solution

Dinoflex Rubber Sport Mat Flooring is a leader in interlocking rubber tiles for sports facility applications. Dinoflex's water-jet cutting system creates the precision-cut interlock, resulting in a seamless appearance. Dinoflex interlocking tiles are reversible, doubling the life expectancy of your floor. Customers choose Dinoflex recycled rubber products for appearance, low maintenance, stain resistance, shock absorbency, noise reduction and fast, easy installation. The long-lasting benefits of Dinoflex rubber products result in a wise investment for the quality- and economy-conscious customer. Dinoflex recycled rubber products also qualify for LEED credits.

Dinoflex Mfg. Ltd.: 877-713-1899