The Net That's Always Set

Gared Sports introduced the SkyMaster®, a ceiling-suspended volleyball system that eliminates the hassle of hauling heavy volleyball uprights in and out of storage. This innovative system features 4-foot O.D. heavy-wall steel support pipes and an electric hoist for easily raising the system up and out of the way of other court activities, and includes a competition net with tensioner, net antenna, upright padding, cable covers and a padded referee stand. The SkyMaster® can be custom-manufactured to meet the specific needs of any facility and is available in one-, two- and three-court configurations.

Gared Sports: 800-325-2682


Gridlock, an interlocking 12-inch-square, self-draining vinyl floor tile from Tepromark, is an ideal safety and anti-fatigue matting for use in both wet and dry areas. The exclusive Spring-Back locking pin system ensures easy and secure installation. Gridlock is ideally suited for installation in barefoot areas in locker rooms, pool decks, showers and saunas. Closely spaced ribs leave a minimum of unsupported area for greater comfort under foot. T-shaped tabs on Gridlock's underside radiate support and heighten the level of comfort.

Tepromark International: 800-645-2622

Net Benefits

Bison UltraLiteTM VB9000 Aluminum System is for programs that want the versatility of easy tennis-to-volleyball net height adjustment but demand elite volleyball net tensioning for competition. The QwikSet net system provides both consistently fast setup and superior net tensioning. A simple flip of a lever allows the slide rail to adjust net height anywhere from 96 inches to 42 inches. UltraLite 4-inch aluminum poles fit all manufacturers' 4-inch floor sleeves, with no need for adapters. Increased post diameter allows thinner and lighter posts without sacrificing post rigidity. The lifetime warranty on the posts and winch proves this is a durable system.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Green Divide

Draper Inc. is the first to offer gym divider material and gymnasium wall pads that have received GreenguardTM for Children and Schools certification. Greenguard for Children and Schools standards are the toughest indoor air quality standards on the market. Draper's mesh and opaque gym divider fabrics and EcoVisionTM standard and EcoVisionTM Class A Flame Retardant Wall Pads will be tested quarterly to ensure they continue to meet certification requirements.

Draper Inc.: 800-238-7999

Divide and Conquer

Carron divider nets and curtains allow gyms, field houses and recreation centers to be divided into a variety of combinations to take full advantage of available space. Carron can design netting or mesh-and-vinyl divider systems to suit nearly any floor configuration. And with a full line of high-quality sports nets and accessories, Carron is your one-stop source.

Carron Net Co. Inc.: 800-558-7768

Roll It Up

ErgoMatta Interlocking Roll-Up Tiles by Mat Factory are saturated with an anti-microbial additive and treated to help prevent skin diseases. They can be laid in a variety of patterns and are easily installed. Manufactured from 100 percent recycled materials, the tiles are guaranteed for five years, and are available in a variety of colors.

Mat Factory Inc.: 800-628-7626

Light It Up

Musco Lighting's newest innovation, Light-Structure GreenTM is a complete foundation-to-poletop lighting system that provides significant advantages for your budget and the environment. Operating costs are cut in half through reduced energy consumption and an automated on/off Control-Link® system. One hundred percent of maintenance costs are eliminated for 25 years, including lamp replacements. Off-site spill lighting and glare are reduced by 50 percent. Constant light levels are guaranteed. Light-Structure Green provides unequaled performance supported with Musco's Constant 25TM product assurance and warranty program.

Musco Lighting: 800-825-6030

Cover Yourself

Safety in gym floor cover handling is the paramount objective for Covermaster. The company's Covermate IITM storage and handling system and exclusive ADA-compliant gym floor covers attest to this. Covermate IITM is a marvel of engineering with innovative safety features. With Ultima Series covers, it's the only complete, certified safety package on the market.

Covermaster: 800-387-5808