Dirty Business

SeaKlear® has just launched a product designed to remove the nasty-looking stains that appear on the pool surface and are difficult to remove. New Stain Klear removes iron, copper and manganese stains and effectively lifts and removes brown, gray and black stains. Just one pound treats 10,000 gallons, making it ideal for commercial aquatic facilities. This product not only removes surface stains, but also treats the water at the same time. By using SeaKlear's Stain Klear, facility managers will remove heavy metals from water and restore their pool to a clean and clear pool for users.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-995-5327

Hand Washing Made Easy

A safe and easy way for young children to reach the sink: Installing Step ‘n Wash in your restrooms ensures that your facility provides the highest degree of safety and convenience for both young children and parents. The step automatically retracts underneath the counter after each use.

Step n Wash: 770-677-4000

Skid Stopper

Rev GripTM anti-skid floor coating helps transform slick, hazardous areas into non-skid surfaces with just one simple application. Rev Grip is tough enough to stand up to steel-wheeled traffic and mild chemicals. Rev Grip dries tack-free in just three hours and is ready for foot traffic in eight hours. Simply brush or roll Rev Grip Anti Slip Coating onto concrete, metal or untreated wood, indoors or out. Rev Grip wears 10 to 15 times longer than ordinary paints and is the ideal choice for park and recreation facilities, car washes, swimming pools, spas, locker rooms, loading docks, handicap ramps or anywhere slippery floors exist.

Revere Products: 800-321-1976

High-Performance Filter

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and AquaticsTM now offers the THS Series® high-performance horizontal sand filter for commercial aquatic facilities with up to 27 square feet of filtration area. The line offers two 34-inch-diameter tanks that fit through standard doorways for easy installation, plus a manway in the front of the unit for easy access. The THS Series® sand filter offers optional manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic backwash systems. The THS Series® filter is NSF-approved 50-psi rated tank with flow rates up to 535 gpm in a single tank.

Pentair Commercial Pool & Spa: 800-831-7133

Pond-er This

Canadian General Tower offers vinyl sheets for aquaculture and decorative ponds. CGT aquaculture liners are non-toxic and therefore support the growth of fish and vegetation. This liner material is ideal for outdoor facilities interested in adding a pond for recreational boating or fishing. CGT has the capacity to calendar, print, emboss and laminate the pond-liner material to produce a wide variety of products.

Canadian General Tower: 800-265-7872

Beneath the Surface

The Cherrington system literally screens the topsoil from 1 inch to 6 inches deep. Sifting screens allow removal of stones, from 1/2 inch up to 10 inches in diameter or larger in a variety of soils. Sifting is enhanced by intense screen oscillation for fast, effective separation of topsoil from rocks, roots and debris. Cherrington's mobile screener works just like a stationary screener, only on a tractor-towable frame. The Cherrington Mobile Screener is designed to actually shave a 1-inch to 6-inch layer of the loosened material up onto its oscillating screen, while returning the cleaned soil directly back to the surface and creating the perfect seed-ready seedbed.

Cherrington Enterprises Inc.: 800-966-1588

Pet Rocks

Nicros' Boulders are a fun and attractive addition to any park or playground setting. These carefully crafted works of art are molded from real rock with climbing features that are completely natural. Highly durable and stain-resistant, Nicros' Boulders come in three standard sizes, ranging from 80 square feet to 393 square feet, and range in height from 4 1/2 feet to more than 9 feet. Add an appropriate landing surface, and these Boulders are ready to be ascended by the young and the young-at-heart.

Nicros Inc. Climbing Walls: 651-778-1975