Little League-approved, Soft Touch Youth League bases offer a safe way to play. With traditional bases, short, uncontrolled slides may result in injury. Soft Touch's Progressive Release bases are designed to help reduce the chance of injury from short, hard slides. In the case of very hard, uncontrolled slides, enough force may be applied to the base to pop it free or release it from its mount.

Soft Touch Bases: 866-544-2077

Interactive design allows hundreds of possibilities when you use the Vixen Hill Web site. You pick the product. You design the product. You can even change your mind, all while viewing dynamically updated images and pricing. Save you design if you're not finished, then return later to complete your work. As one of the world's first truly interactive Web sites, you pick the product and configure it the way you want. It's child's play.

Vixen Hill Cedar Products: 800-423-2766

Visit Covermaster's new online store at its brand-new, must-see site. Even more user-friendly, navigating to the company's many protective covers is now very simple. Of special interest is an outstanding list of references and an exciting news section. While all products in the lineup are fully described, you can also watch product videos and download most literature. But the big news is that you can now shop and save online with new items coming on stream each day.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Visit the Sportable Scoreboards site to see the most exciting innovation in the scoreboard industry. The all-new, patent-pending LegacyTM Series features exciting "shape" scoreboards such as scoreboards in the shape of sports balls, sports fields, sports equipment, states, flags and much more. Check out these new models on the Web site and request a free catalog and quotation online today. You will be amazed at the level of customization the LegacyTM series offers.

Sportable Scoreboards Inc.: 888-495-7446

Hunter Knepshield's ADA-compliant modular facilities include solutions with fast turnaround and simple site preparation. Pre-manufactured for economy and ease of installation, the buildings are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and shipped ready for placement. Interiors are designed for low maintenance and easy washdown. A variety of plumbing choices is available to match on-site resources. The Web site features specifications, photos of recent projects and an easy-to-use interface to showcase modular facilities.

Hunter Knepshield Company: 800-626-6530

For more than 40 years, Daktronics has been the world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards, timing systems, large-screen video displays and sound. Daktronics produces a wide variety of systems used on all levels, from local high schools and parks to professional and Olympic stadiums. To see the complete line of Daktronics products, learn more about the company's commitment to high-quality service and find a local Daktronics office, visit the Web site.

Daktronics: 800-843-5843

Cross Alert Systems provides active warning systems for recreational trail/public road intersections. The systems detect trail users using infrared detection and use that detection to trigger flashing warning lights to vehicles, providing sight distance where sight distance is restricted. These units are solar-powered and use radio signals for intrapole communication, reducing installation costs. A trail counter is integrated into the package.

Cross Alert Systems: 866-276-7725

For discriminating design professionals, property owners and contractors in residential, commercial and industrial fields, Environmental Coating Systems Inc. is a top choice. The manufacturer of the All Deck Coating System, Sure-Foot Decorative Finish, Hi-Flex Waterproof Underlayment, Level Quick Grading & Leveling Material and the latest product, Enviro-Max Great Finish. You'll get superior performance coatings made from the best acrylic resins available that last and last.

Environmental Coating Systems, Inc.: 800-ALL-DECK (255-3325)