The Next Generation

Developed by Athletic & Recreation Products Inc., SafeGrassTM is the next generation of playground surfaces now. This premier synthetic turf safety surfacing system provides "grass-like" playability, long life and low maintenance. SafeGrassTM , a comprehensive layered application utilizing existing ground cover, meets all ASTM 1292-04 and ADA guidelines. The middle layer is a dynamic drainage and shock attenuation blanket that distributes water to the perimeters. The top layer, or "wearing layer," is a 69-ounce polyethylene, highly durable, grass-like synthetic turf surface. Every SafeGrassTM safety surface system includes a comprehensive five-year warranty.

Athletic & Recreation Products Inc.: 877-439-0321

Below and Beyond

SurfacePlay® provides a long-term unitary playground surfacing solution called Durable Synthetic Grass Carpets. Other surfacing types are safe and accessible. SurfacePlay® goes above and beyond with low-maintenance, cost-effective and durable surfaces that feature superior vandal-resistance and extremely colorful designs. The surfaces have UV protection to guarantee against extreme fading and degradation. SurfacePlay® carpets are compatible with ASTM F1292, D2859 and F1951, stimulating the imagination and play value. Compared to rubber surfaces, SurfacePlay® surfacing exhibits little solar heat build-up, with no rubber smell. SurfacePlay® carpets cover damaged poured-in-place surfaces economically to create a brand-new playground environment.

SurfacePlay: 800-773-0737