Money Makers

Smarte Carte provides revenue-generating locker solutions that are customer- and facility-friendly. The Smarte Locke® 1000 Series locker system gives customers convenient RFID wristband access, while eliminating the facility's concerns of poor security and lost keys. When guests scan the RFID wristband at any Smarte Locke locker station, a door is immediately assigned and opened. Smarte Carte's multiple-entry feature allows guests to re-enter the locker as often as they like for the duration of their stay. Smarte Locke electronic lockers also include computerized management functions to monitor locker activity, increase locker availability, maximize security and significantly reduce locker maintenance.

Smarte Carte Inc.: 800-838-1176

Head of the Class

As one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic laminate and wood lockers, panelized racquetball and squash courts, Classic Woodworking LLC provides top quality and craftsmanship. The "Patented" Hollman Raised Panel and Louvered Veneer Door features environmentally friendly design and is formaldehyde-free. Manufactured with only the highest-quality wood to make a veneer, the design features a consistent pattern and attractive color and finish. Classic Woodworking also has strengthened its "just in time" policy by providing clients with in-house submittals, ensuring shop drawings to clients within 48 to 72 hours within receipt of order.

Classic Woodworking LLC: 503-692-0800

Clear the Air

The Air-Row fan model LA-248 is a recirculation fan that recesses into a standard 2-foot by 2-foot ceiling tile to cool or destratify the air in areas that could have stuffy or stagnant air. Ideal for locker rooms with high humidity, damp tile floors and the right conditions for mold and mildew growth, the LA-248 will keep the air stirred and cooled and the floors drier. Also useful in hallways, reception areas, over racquetball courts, in golf resorts, restrooms, hotels—the list is virtually endless.

Air-Row Fan Company: 317-691-7255