Read the Sign

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls now offers an effective way to identify your facility. Choices range from simple informational signs such as mile markers and park identification signage to personalization on park benches. Recycled-plastic lumber is a long-lasting alternative to traditional materials. Because they won't rot or splinter, these high-quality products withstand years of exposure to visitors' use and nature's abuse. These signs provide a valuable service for those remote or environmentally sensitive areas where low-impact trail design and reduced maintenance are desired for minimal habitat disturbance.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls: 800-338-1438

Drink It In

Stern-Williams Co. builds in the dependability you can count on. The Model 5700 shown here is one of many drinking fountains designed to meet the needs of adults and the physically challenged. All are perfect for walking trails, playgrounds, parks, resorts and recreational areas. Stern-Williams offers over 100 distinctive styles: pedestal and wall-mounted drinking fountains, refrigerated fountains, jug fillers, pet fountains, hydrants, foot showers, outdoor showers and misters (powder coated metal, aggregate or stainless steel).

Stern Williams Co. Inc.: 913-362-5635

Strike Protection

The Strike Guard early-warning lightning detection system ensures public safety by automatically detecting and monitoring lightning strikes up to 20 miles away. This technology determines alarm and all-clear conditions, and eliminates difficult decisions by staff or volunteers about what is (or is not) considered safe. It also protects assets such as irrigation systems, electronics and computer equipment, and automatic e-mail notification is available with optional software. Combining a lightning safety policy with an early warning detection system may also reduce your insurance premiums.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Sand Cleaner

The Barber Surf Rake features a new Sanitizing Conveyor "S-Belt." This new belt design maximizes sand penetration and removal of extremely fine debris. Belt perforations, mounting tines underneath the conveyor and eliminating retaining bars now reduce the risk of residual sand removal. The new conveyor belt is easier to repair and keep clean and clear of debris.

H. Barber: 203-729-9000

Infinite Possibilities

At Little Tikes Commercial by PlayPower, everything the company does is based on a dedication to quality, safety and play. Little Tikes offers complete, innovative product lines with developmentally appropriate play events for the company's greatest customers—kids. The InfinityTM Web combines Little Tikes' award-winning InfinityTM climber with its MatrixTM web. Full of thrilling possibilities, the Infinity web perfectly fuses physical play and fantasy. Little Tikes will create the perfect play environment for you.

Little Tikes Commercial by PlayPower: 800-325-8828