Healthy Bites

Concession operators can now offer a trans-fat-free option with new Mom's Homestyle Caramel Dip. Customers can enjoy this healthier alternative without sacrificing the deep, rich flavor of caramel. This expands menu options and addresses the fact that numerous states are proposing or enacting legislation that would restrict or ban the use of trans fat products. Plus, the dip is made with premium ingredients and is a certified Kosher Dairy product. Owners can also cut down on warming time with the High Output Twin Caramel Apple Dip Warmer. The double-boiler action gently brings up the temperature in half the time without burning the cream and sugar.

Gold Medal Products Co.: 800-543-0862


Industrial Test Systems introduced its latest handheld patented colorimeter: the eXact® Micro 7+. Ideal for commercial water testing, the Micro 7+ reads nine parameters directly: alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, free chlorine, total chlorine, copper, ozone, permanganate, pH and transmission. Additionally, in transmission the meter tests for: ammonia, chloride, chlorine dioxide, chromium hexavalent, cyanuric acid, iodine, iron, low range total hardness, manganese, nitrate, nitrite, acid pH, alkali pH, potassium, sulfate, sulfide and turbidity. The meter fits comfortable in your hand, is waterproof and the sampling cell is built in. With its 4 ml sample cell, the eXact® Micro 7+ is environmentally friendly, using 60 percent less chemicals than the ordinary 10 ml test.

Industrial Test Systems: 800-861-9712

Task Masters

Bobcat Company expanded its new line of compact tractors with the introduction of four models. In addition to releasing these new tractors, Bobcat announced that the Bob-TachTM quick attachment mounting system is now available as an option on the front-end loader of all Bobcat compact tractors. Designed to help commercial landscapers, groundskeepers and others tackle a variety of tasks, the four new models have an independent PTO that can be engaged with the flip of a switch while the tractor is in motion, allowing the operator to engage the PTO on a three-point implement only in areas where needed.

Bobcat Company: 866-823-7898

Field Maintenance

The Kromer B200 is designed to be the only machine you'll ever need to maintain all of your athletic fields. Available with 32 attachments the B200 is a self-propelled riding unit that applies dry lines, wet lines, grooms, paints (300 psi), conditions, sprays and will cut and paint a line at the same time. The SFM – Synthetic Turf Maintainer – is specifically deisgned by Kromer for the unique needs of today's synthetic turf fields. The SFM is a self-propelled riding unit that removes field markings, grooms, paints, conditions and sprays liquids.

Kromer Co.: 763-398-4051