Turf Tip

Thatch-Master dethatchers upgraded to carbide-tipped blades three years ago, and users find that they last at least four times as long as the previous, non-tipped blades. This added to the strong frame makes the Thatch-Master an extremely low-maintenance product. It is used by athletic fields at all levels all across the country and Canada in all types of grass.

Turf Specialties Inc.: 800-201-1031

Drag-matic Improvement

Cambridge International's new drag mat designs offer dramatic improvement in the aeration and grooming of sports fields, golf courses and other grass, sand and clay surfaces. The newly designed mats are available in flexible, rigid and custom designs and feature a patent-pending Rivet-Free U-bar that allows for a truly reversible mat with no rivets digging into the surface. The edge treatment has also improved from smashed to clinched, which prevents snagging. These design enhancements increase strength and prevent distortion of the mats.

Cambridge International Inc.: 877-485-0647

Quick Change

Demand for a more versatile grooming machine led to the development of the Quick Attach SystemTM . QAS turns what was once a lengthy, tedious procedure into a quick change that any member of your grounds crew can master in seconds. You'll do more with one machine and get your fields back into playing condition faster. Both Infield Pro models offer a rear hydraulic QAS and a mid-mount scarifier while the 5040 offers an optional front hydraulic QAS. The ability to carry three attachments ensures that you have the right tool for the right job at the right time.

Toro Company: 800-803-8676

Save Your Turf

University research confirms that, when incorporated into the root zone, Field & FairwayTM from Turface® minimizes turf damage and speeds turf recovery. Its porous structure helps native soil turf survive stress and intense traffic. Excellent as a topdressing, this specially formulated calcine clay improves the air- and water-holding capacity of native and sand-based soils at the root zone. Field & FairwayTM also increases drainage and prevents muddy conditions that destroy expensive sports turf.

Profile Products: 800-207-6457

Power Up

The Walker Super B will soon be available with an electronic fuel injection (EFI) option from Kohler. Walker is using Kohler's 26-hp Command engine (equipped with a Kohler EFI package) that has been used and well proven as an engine option in the Walker Model MT for years. This engine package also offers easy starting over a wide temperature range, less maintenance and improved throttle response. Troubleshooting is made easy with built-in, automotive-type diagnostics. The Super B now comes standard with Kohler's 27-hp Command. Other notable strengths include a tilt-up body and a tilt-up 60-inch deck, high-quality cut and Walker's comfortable steering configuration.

Walker Mfg. Co.: 800-279-8537

Deep Clean

In the Model 4500XL, Cherrington uses the latest engineering technology to combine its new hydraulic drive method and innovative screen mount design in an extremely effective and productive sand-screening Beachcleaner. This hydraulically powered screen, on a tractor-towable frame, produces an intense elliptical motion to the fixed, non-rotating sifting screen. The screen oscillation movement is adjustable for fast and precise screening of all types of beach sand up to 6 inches deep. With only three bearings on the entire machine, this is an exceptionally well designed Beachcleaner for low maintenance and a very long life. Carbide glide pucks on the steel loading bars also offer long life and quiet operation.

Cherrington Enterprises Inc.: 800-966-1588

Quality Cut

Exmark, a leading manufacturer of commercial mowers, has introduced the new Next Lazer Z. Three years in the making, the Next Lazer Z is an evolution of Exmark's premier product, the Lazer Z, and includes dozens of enhancements that will reduce maintenance, improve traction and handling, and make the mower safer and more comfortable for landscape professionals—all without sacrificing Exmark's trademark superior quality of cut and productivity.

Exmark: 402-223-6300

Fueling Options

If only someone could create a mower that would utilize alternative fuel options, ease emissions and still offer the productivity needed by today's lawn care professionals. Meet the Dixie Chopper LP 3000—the industry's first true propane-powered mower. Not a cobbled-together version, but a mower built for propane use from the start. Generac partnered with Dixie to build the 990cc (30 hp) liquid propane engine to power the unit. Fueled by two 40-pound cylinders (7.9 gallons), the LP engine contains higher compression pistons and advanced timing for the best fuel efficiency. In other words, go green for both your wallet and the environment.

Dixie Chopper: 800-233-7596