Field Goals

The B200 is designed to be the only machine you'll ever need to maintain all your natural turf fields. The B200 is a self-propelled riding unit that applies dry lines, wet lines, grooms, paints (300 psi), conditions, sprays and will cut and paint a line at the same time. Available in a synthetic version, the Synthetic Field Maintainer (SFM) is specifically designed by Kromer for the unique needs of today's synthetic turf fields. Available with 32 attachments, these machines can be customized to meet your needs. The B200 and SFM are some of the best all-in-one athletic field maintainers available.

Kromer Company: 800-373-0337

Sow Easy

A new seed placement design has been introduced in the disc assembly seeding package on the Gandy Model 2820SS 20-inch self-propelled Slice n' Seed walk-behind overseeder. This improved orientation guides a higher percentage of seed into the slit for repairing or re-establishing grass in worn areas or establishing new grass varieties on greens and tees. The same improvement enhances Gandy's 4-foot-wide 3-point-hitch overseeder. The Slice n' Seed walk-behind model features an 8-hp Honda engine with centrifugal clutch, capable of seeding 22,000 square feet per hour. The seed box features Gandy's precision-mated stainless-steel bottom and slide with internal rotor driven by front-wheel drive.

Gandy Company: 800-443-2476

Cutting Edge

Turf Teq has a complete line of self-propelled, walking-forward power edgers. The model 1305 features a 13-hp Honda and comes standard with an opening blade to create new landscaping beds or redefine existing beds. A variety of trenching blades are also available as an option. All three of these functions can be performed by simply changing the blade and guard for each application. The Power Edger features a fully hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse. The model 1305SP has the capability to be converted to Power Broom, Power Rake or an all-new Brush Cutter.

Turf Teq: 484-798-6300

Aeration Creation

SourceOne's Plugr Tow Pro is a 45-inch self-contained attachment with universal mount for operation behind virtually any utility vehicle, riding mower or small tractor. This is a reciprocating aerator, with tines driven into the soil by an independent engine, allowing the tow vehicle to maintain full power. An electric-start, 12-hp engine powers the aerator, and the control panel is battery-powered. Capacity is up to 84,000 square feet per hour. Tow Pro has offset capability to maneuver close to obstacles with a tow vehicle wider than the aerator. Indicator lights warn operator of moving too fast or too slow for quality aeration.

SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment: 888-418-9065

Dual Fuels

The 2009 Scag Turf Tiger will soon be available in a dual-fuel model. A high-powered Kubota engine will allow the operator to run the machine on gasoline or liquid-propane (LP). The model's amazing flexibility allows it to be switched from one fuel source to another with the flip of a switch, even while mowing. Like all Turf Tiger models, this mower will feature a strong double-tube steel frame, big engine power (31-hp gas, 29-hp LP), along with the awesome cutting performance of a Turf Tiger, featuring the shaft-driven Velocity Plus cutter deck.

Scag Power Equipment: 920-387-0100

Mower Power

Clean-running MaxTorqueTM diesel units are available with 25- or 30-hp engines that are Tier 4-compliant and B5-ready, with reserve torque you can feel for superior performance in the toughest mowing conditions. MaxTorqueTM diesel engines are fuel-efficient—saving up to 700 gallons of fuel over 1,000 hours of use (compared to similar-sized gasoline units)—and versatile enough to replace two-cycle engine equipment, further decreasing fuel use and labor for increased productivity year-round. Mid- and front-mounted DuraMax® decks up to 72 inches provide superior airflow for even dispersal of clippings and easy conversion from side-discharge to optional mulching or PowerVacTM collection.

Grasshopper Company: 620-345-8621

Infield of Dreams

Newstripe's Dirt Doctor JuniorTM infield groomer has been designed specifically to be pulled by 4-wheel-drive utility vehicles. Dirt Doctor Junior can plow, pulverize, drag, compact and finish-drag a 4-foot-wide path in one pass. No more tools are necessary. The multiple position harrow teeth, pulverizer bar and wheels are quickly and easily adjusted without tools. Plus, the optional 6-foot finish drag with reversible lead bar can be detached and used as a separate pull-behind drag. The four-position front hitch fits almost any utility vehicle on the market. A three-point hitch is also available for use with compact tractors.

Newstripe Inc.: 800-624-6706

Mow Show

Hustler recently introduced the new Hustler ZTM Diesel featuring Shibaura technology to bring high-torque power for a wide variety of mowing needs. It features 25-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine for increased engine life, and the engine is mounted sideways for serviceability and compactness. The Hustler ZTM Diesel also comes with some of the toughest frame front forks and deck in the industry. The simple, comfortable foot-operated deck lift system goes from 1 inch to 5 inches. It also features a 54-, 60-, 66- or 72-inch XR-7TM side-discharge/mulching deck, and 54-, 60- or 72-inch rear-discharge/dual trimming decks. With a top speed of 12 miles per hour, you can get the job done fast.

Hustler Turf Equipment: 800-395-4757