Clear Vision

Haws has been awarded the prestigious "Innovative Product of the Year" award at the Expo Protection 2008 Conference in Paris, France. Haws was recognized for its groundbreaking Axion MSR eye/face wash system. The Axion MSR eye wash system irrigates the eye in a manner consistent with eye care professionals. Using a patented design, Axion MSR sweeps contaminants outwardly, safely away from the nasal cavity. Haws also manufactures drinking fountains, with a focus on educational centers, recreational parks and industrial complexes.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297

Maintenance Made Easy

Witt Industries announced a new waste container that's bound to be popular with maintenance workers. The Oakley Carousel Can's sliding-door design reduces heavy lifting and provides easy access, even in tight spaces. The can's lockable door and four lid options make it ideal for park and recreation complexes. Witt Industries has been a leading manufacturer of waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, benches, planters and smoking units for indoor and outdoor usage since 1887.

Witt Industries: 800-543-7417

Improve Your Look

Quaker Plastic's revolutionary new Paver Drain Overlay is perfect for renovating old drains and decks. The new and exclusive Paver Drain Overlay is easily installed over old drains and fits flush with 1-inch paver blocks. The side panel is notched and can be snapped off to fit flush against walls. Now facility managers can avoid digging up old drains or spending time with replacement caps. The new Paver Drain Overlay ships UPS, and comes complete with protective tape for a scratch-free installation. It is available in white, tan and gray to match the latest in decking treatments.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

Clean Machine

The Pool Blaster in the new PRO version is a cordless rechargeable pool vacuum designed with the pool maintenance professional in mind. Like the popular Pool Blaster, the Pool Blaster PRO version features a high-volume internal filter pump, an on-board filter bag and a rechargeable power pack built for the "big boys" by giving professionals over three times the cleaning time per charge, three times the filter capacity and twice the vacuuming strength. Plus the Pool Blaster PRO offers "switch on the go" battery packs and an optional truck charger to keep jobs moving.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Get a Move On

Burke's Intensity fitness play complex is designed to challenge and exercise young bodies while providing so much fun kids won't want to go home. Intensity was designed to meet the requirements for children ages 5 to 12, and appeals to children with a focus on basic physical skills, coordination, strength, balance and endurance. It offers a variety of fitness play events that not only keep kids moving and excited, but are modern and streamlined. This month's focus is perching, bouncing and other events, including the Dynamic Pad, Healthy Hammock, Hop Spots and Pep Step. These events develop spatial awareness while promoting muscular balance and strength.

BCI Burke Company LLC: 800-356-2070

Water Fall Zones

PEM Surface Creations now offers safety flooring for aquatic fall zones and play areas. Slip-resistant flooring combines with soft sub-layers to provide safety and fall height protection around aquatic play features where falls may occur. The surface is designed for simple installation by your own maintenance staff. It complies with ASTM 1292 for head impact attenuation.

PEM Surface Creations Inc.: 800-783-2358

Just Desserts

Gelato is an Italian tradition experiencing sweet success all across the United States. Adding gelato to your menu can boost check averages, reach new customers and increase frequency of existing customers. Taylor Batch Freezers make it easy to create enticing, delicious gelato. The freezers' automatic mode makes a high-quality gelato product. Just add the desired mix and liquid flavorings, the freezer will do the rest. Fresh fruit, candy and nuts can be folded in as the product is being drawn into a gelato pan. Gelato commands a premium price with a profit margin up to 80 percent.

Taylor Company: 800-255-0626


The NSF-Certified Suction Outlet Fittings for commercial swimming pools with high flow rates, available from Paddock Industries, are certified for safety at a flow of 1,420 gpm. The Paddock Certified Drain Cover is designed and approved with the use of the Paddock Entrapment Safe Sump Box with the Reducing Anti-Vortex Device. The Paddock Certified Drain Cover can be used on field-fabricated outlets, new or retrofit, when designed and certified by a registered product engineer.

Paddock Industries: 800-849-2729