A Green Spin

Bradley Corp. has combined eco-friendly recycled materials, contemporary design and unmatched durability with the introduction of its new Terreon®RE solid surface material. Offering the same superior performance as traditional solid surface, TerreonRE stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative, as recycling has become a way of life. Composed of an eco-friendly bio-based resin, pre-consumer recycled granule fillers and other natural materials, TerreonRE looks as beautiful as it is gentle to the environment. TerreonRE creates a rich look with the strength and durability of today's solid surface technology. It resists stains, burns, chemicals and impact, making an appealing product for high-volume, high-abuse washrooms.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY

Move It, Use It

The new multifunctional Convertible Utility Cart converts into a platform truck, improving efficiency, productivity and workplace safety. A smart solution for schools, offices, foodservice and others, the Convertible Utility Cart allows for increased productivity with a 400-pound capacity as a utility cart and 250-pound capacity as a platform truck. Its recessed top prevents items from falling during transport, and with its extended lower deck, loading is less strenuous. It features non-marking swivel casters for increased maneuverability and safety. Its fully round ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue, and its flat configuration provides easy storage and transport.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products: 800-347-9800

Colorful Workouts

WaterRower announced its first customized rowing machine, now available in any shade imaginable. Fashion-forward fitness buffs can row their way to a better body in any color they choose. The WaterRower can be customized to complement the surroundings or add a burst of brightness. With more than 1,600 RAL solid and metallic shades to choose from, the rainbow of choices is amazing. Thanks to the unique WaterFlyWheel, the cornerstone of each WaterRower, the machines feel as good as they look. The WaterFlyWheel emulates the natural contact between the rower and the water, creating a smooth, natural rowing experience—and it's eco-friendly, requiring no electricity.

WaterRower: 800-852-2210

Easy Access

Plastican introduced a new line of plastic pails with convenient Twist-and-Lock Lids, designed specifically for pool and spa chemicals. The new patented closure system is currently available for 3-, 3 1/2- and 5-gallon plastic pails, and delivers superior end-user convenience, safety and reliability. Twist-and-Lock Containers open with a push of a tab and a twist of the plastic lid. Closing is even easier—just twisting the lid locks it in place. Additional sizes will be available soon. Twist-and-Lock Containers are 100 percent recyclable and strong enough to allow stacking. They also pass child-resistance and senior-friendly protocols and meet UN performance requirements.

Plastican Inc.: 978-728-5023