Profit Potential

The goal of any successful campaign is in the profits generated. Let Brick Markers® USA show you how, with its team of expert professionals. Brick Markers offers patented Vitralase® and Vitrix® bricksm pavers and tiles as a way of giving your donors the assurance of knowing their brick will last a lifetime. BMI provides clients with full-service packages: specialized marketing ideas to meet fundraising needs as well as raise profit margins, design of promotional materials and order forms, locator design service, verification and location mailings, production and shipping, replicas and certificates and management reporting.

Brick Markers USA Inc.: 800-634-8948

Find a Way

AlturnaMATS ground protection mats virtually eliminate ground restoration costs. Identified as the original black mats, AlturnaMATS are made of 1/2-inch thick polyethylene, can withstand 60-ton loads and are guaranteed for six years. AlturnaMATS manufactures many different sizes and treads to accommodate most applications. Last fall, AlturnaMATS acquired Mobile Matt. These mats feature a bold "M" tread design with gripping studs on the underside, anchoring the mats to the ground. The "M" tread provides great traction even for the most aggressive vehicles. Hand slots on each side make for easy handling. Mobile Matts are lighter weight, yet accommodate virtually any heavy vehicle and are also guaranteed for six years.

AlturnaMATS Inc.: 888-544-6287

A Bridge to Somewhere

Wheeler offers timber bridge kits as an attractive and practical solution for pedestrian crossings. This stringer design is available in spans from 10 feet to 80 feet. Longer spans are available from standard or custom designs with multiple architectural and material options. All bridge kits include custom plans prepared by a registered Professional Engineer. Bridge components are shop-fabricated to ensure quality and speed installation. Smaller bridges can be installed with minimal equipment and unskilled labor. Specializing in design and supply of vehicular and recreation bridges, work with Wheeler for knowledgeable advice and attention to service.

Wheeler Lumber LLC: 800-328-3986

Pretty Pond

HPG International offers fish-grade vinyl sheeting for use in lining ponds used in landscaping projects. The new film material is designed specifically for fish ponds and streams and is available in both black and white. Available in both 20 and 30 mil thickness, this new material is ideal for recreational facilities that want to add water elements to their landscaping areas.

HPG International: 800-242-3909

Paver Drains

Quaker Plastic Corp. offers a new paver drain specifically for pavers used in landscaping projects—the first and only drain specified for pavers as it is 2-3/8 inches high—the exact height of standard pavers. No more cutting and adjusting to make the drain work with pavers. This patent-pending design allows the pavers to be held firmly in place with securing clips that go underneath the pavers and can be alternated from side to side or all can be placed on one side to fit flush against a wall or building. The new drains come packed with securing clips and protective tape attached to the drain for easy installation. Ideal for paver pathways, deck areas, picnic grounds and other landscaping projects using pavers. Available in gray or tan.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

Walled In

BuildBetter is a revolutionary retaining wall system with the look and durability of conventional block or concrete walls. BuildBetter retaining wall panels are simply bolted together using commonly available hand tools—no heavy cranes needed. This allows more linear footage to be installed per hour than conventional block walls, resulting in significant time and energy savings. Walls are also environmentally friendly and require virtually no maintenance. The systems enable you to create garden walls, planting beds, tree rings, erosion control, raised patios, grand staircases, border and boundaries, sloping walls, radius wall curves and terrace or tier walls.

Cardinal Systems: 570-385-4733

Field Saver

SOS is an overseeding product that can revive your sports field during the season. SOS stands for Super Over Seeding. This summer SOS saved an Alaskan football field with only four weeks to grow in and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. SOS is based on turf type annual ryegrass and germinates and establishes very quickly and is more economical than perennial ryegrass.

Barenburg USA Inc.: 800-547-4101

Fenced In

Evolution Fence Company, a manufacturer of quality ornamental, powder-coated aluminum fencing, is now offering a patented assembly system called FUSION-LOCTM . This unique system requires no screws for attaching pickets to rails and is designed with no sharp edges and no areas in which fingers could get caught. The locking mechanism keeps pickets from rattling and ensures against dislodged pickets if children stand on lower rail. The all tubular construction of the Fusion Loc system creates a "no rattle" uni-body panel for a more durable, rigid and attractive fence. This fence is the ideal solution to comply with new fencing/enclosure laws for commercial aquatic swimming pools.

Evolution Fence Company: 631-951-9800