Just Add Nature

Take a walk through Play & Park Structures new Vine Tunnel, an all new park site amenity that incorporates nature into your playground. Multiple 5-foot sections can be installed to create the tunnel length of your choice. The Vine Tunnel is designed to meet accessibility guidelines and is a special experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Play & Park Structures: 800-727-1907

Gamer's Delight

A version of the classic NEOSTM game, NEOS 360 will add excitement to electronic gaming in outdoor play spaces while improving agility, balance, fitness and social skills. With a new circular design, NEOS 360 will have kids and families spinning, dashing and moving up and down to enhance the competitive and challenging tasks of each game. Interactive sound and buttons make the NEOS 360 exhilarating and fun, while offering eight games with one- and two-players options. NEOS 360 upholds the original concept, but with added intensity from its 360-degree layout.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Rock and Roll

Nicros' Boulders are a fun and attractive addition to any park or playground setting. These carefully crafted works of art are molded from real rock with climbing features that are completely natural. Highly durable and stain-resistant, Nicros' Boulders come in three standard sizes (ranging from 80 square feet to 394 square feet) and range in height from 4 1/2 feet to over 9 feet. Add an appropriate landing surface, and these Boulders are ready to be ascended by the young and the young-at-heart.

Nicros Inc. Climbing Walls: 651-209-0614

Shoot and Score

Future Pro offers a broad selection of complete outdoor basketball systems on gooseneck and adjustable height poles. Pole size options include 3 1/2-inch, 4 1/2-inch and 5 9/16-inch o.d. Select from fan or rectangular backboards of aluminum, steel, polyethylene or clear polycarbonate. The PR31, shown here, has a 3 1/2-inch o.d. pole and carbon steel backboard with a graffiti-resistant, powder-coated finish. Pole padding is optional.

Future Pro Inc.: 800-328-4625

Hangin' Out

SPI Industries Cliff Hanger is a unique climber that provides the challenge of an overhanging cliff. A great workout for children who have the strength and dexterity to conquer the challenge, the overhang provides a great hand-over-hand upper-body strength challenge. The opposite side provides easy access for younger children to make a quick climb to the top. Use one or many to create original and interesting climbing walls.

SPI Industries Inc.: 800-269-6533

Play On

All Kidstuff Playsystems equipment is 25 percent off in February. Playsystem #6677 will thrill and dazzle your grade-schoolers with its many climbers and slides, the ever-popular track ride and the challenging overhead turning wheels. Kidstuff Playsystems has helped build tough kids for 26 years. Equipment is IPEMA-certified to ensure safe and durable design.

Kidstuff Playsystems: 800-255-0153

Hills of Fun

The custom Interactive Grass Hillslide is built right into the earth so children can safely slide down a steep incline without the use of costly safety surfacing. Kids can play king of the hill, race balls down underground tube tunnels or go for a good, old-fashioned roll down the hill. Suitable for toddlers and teenagers alike, this slide is custom-designed to fit the environment and the educational or community facility. The Interactive Grass Hillslide is just one of several new products from Progressive Playground Designs' new product line, Outdoor Learning Environments.

Progressive Design Playgrounds: 800-585-3131

Compliant Coatings

Miracle produces exciting new products every year, and one of its newest is the Mira-Therm2 and Mira-ThermPE Coatings. Developed after nine months of thorough research, these two new thermoplastic powder coatings are environmentally friendly and compliant with new CPSC Improvement Act and California laws. Other great features include: abrasion-resistant, non-skid textured finishes for long life in high-traffic areas; no orthophthalate or other banned substances; anti-microbial additives to help resist the growth of mold; and added UV stabilizers to help prevent color loss, hardening and degradation.

Miracle Recreation: 888-458-2752