Row, Row, Row

The popular, eco-friendly TriActive Fitness rower offers an effective and enjoyable exercise that conditions your upper and lower body simultaneously for an enhanced cardiovascular workout. TriActive America is a provider of outdoor fitness equipment.

TriActive America: 800-587-4228

Stride Right

The innovative design of the Quantum 210 elliptical series features a patented 44-inch footprint that maintains its important 21-inch stride. The 210 elliptical has a low 7-inch step height with cushioned foot pedals to reduce foot fatigue. The design of the upper-body arms are configured to accommodate wide ranges of users while reducing wrist stress. The Quantum 210 elliptical uses an advanced mid-drive technology that promotes core stability. The Quantum 210 ellipticals are ideal in any gym or medical rehab setting needing to efficiently utilize space.

Quantum Fitness: 800-937-2282

Tread On

The Aristo commercial treadmill CT1 has a 22-inch by 62-inch run belt with speed to 12 mph and 15 percent incline. Heavy-duty 4-inch rollers with a flexible but commercially strong run deck with the self-lubricated run belt make this unit top-notch for any club. Console is LED with productive feedback for the user and plenty of programs to match.

Fitness Master Inc.: 866-434-8639

Form & Function

HOIST® brings excitement back to the traditional workout routine with the new innovative ROC-ITTM line. Take a ride and experience the natural, comfortable and functional movements of the ROC-ITTM line. The line offers optimal biomechanical positioning and an increased range of motion. The rocking movement shifts the center of gravity to engage core musculature while maintaining stability. The line is perfect for both the less conditioned and the more athletic, and provides an engaging and interactive approach to exercise that will attract new members. The ROC-ITTM line brings fun back to working out.

Hoist Fitness Systems: 800-548-5438


Expresso Fitness® launched their third generation of upright bikes, the S3uTM , and second generation of recumbent bikes, the S3rTM . Both models integrate high-quality fitness with sophisticated computer systems to provide true exertainment. The sleek new models offer enhanced features and functions. They provide an exceptional viewing experience with the largest screens in the industry—a 19-inch widescreen LCD at an angle ideal for upright and recumbent biking. The upright features improved ergonomics with more dynamic shifting functions, now conveniently located on the handlebars. Both bikes engage both the body and mind by bringing the adventure of outdoor riding indoors and allowing users to race in more than 30 virtual tours, access chases or watch TV.

Expresso Fitness: 888-528-8589

Speed Racers

MOTUS USA continues to lead with a fresh, new approach to fitness, incorporating innovative solutions that inspire fit, fun and fabulous workouts. The brand-new M-Racing Series of indoor cycling bikes are rapidly infusing the market with their sporty look and feel. Featuring EZ Step-Through design, distinctive rear-wheel drive to extend product longevity, on-board computer and contact heart-rate monitoring, and an effortless AccujustTM tension control system, these units surpass the abilities and durability of those currently on the market. These bikes come fully loaded with contact heart-rate monitors, an onboard computer for viewing real-time statistics, water bottle holder and advanced dual pedals with cage and SPD toe clips.

MOTUS USA: 866-668-8766

All Fit

RehaMed International designs and manufactures exercise equipment for people with disabilities. RehaMed is the developer of the VitaGlide exercise system, which provides a safe and effective workout for people with disabilities or other deconditioning issues. Using its unique V-shaped linear tracking, the VitaGlide workout focuses on three different areas. The pushing and pulling motion strengthens both sides of the shoulders to balance the joint and prevent injury and pain. The trunk rotation that results from the "V" design works the stomach muscles. The resistance control provides a great cardio workout.

RehaMed International: 800-577-4424

Totally Tubular

THERA-BAND® Resistance Tubing with Handles provides the same resistance, system of progression and preferred quality as authentic THERA-BAND Resistance Bands and Tubing with the added convenience of attached handles for a ready-to-use clinical or home solution. Available in six THERA-BAND colors and resistances, with either the premium comfort of soft handle grips or standard PVC handle grips. Thera-Band Tubing is endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

The Hygenic Corporation: 800-321-2135