Pool Lining

Natatec PVC Pool Lining Systems are specially formulated PVC and reinforced with a high-strength polyester core. Natatec is custom-fit and bonded on-site to provide an attractive, easily maintained, totally watertight and almost indestructible pool surface. Ideal for waterparks, water attractions, public pools or water features, Natatec PVC pool lining systems are far superior to conventional pool coatings such as paint, plaster and fiberglass, as well as other short-lived liners. The versatility and durability of the Natatec System makes your swimming pool or aquatic recreation facility perform for the long term.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

Looking for Trouble

Download free exclusive findings from environmental health professionals who inspect recreational water facilities nationwide. Developed as part of the PPG Accu-Tab® Advisor Series, Looking for Trouble is a white paper that provides detailed research, operational action steps for facility viability and suggestions for keeping your facility—and your patrons—safe between inspections. You'll get inside information from inspectors, including: why 92 percent of environmental health professionals have shut down pools; where most violations occur; what is most important to environmental health professionals when they visit your venue; and what simple steps you can take to improve water quality.

PPG Industries Inc.: 800-245-2974

Clean and Go

Recreonics portable vacuum filters feature a durable stainless-steel cartridge filter, thermal plastic pump, waterproof switch and pre-wired GFI protector, 1.5-inch suction and discharge connections and 50-foot electrical cord, all mounted on a stainless-steel cart with heavy-duty rubber wheels. Two models are available: a 1-hp pump with 105-square-foot filter (filters over 5,525 gallons per hour) and a 2-hp pump with 155-square-foot filter (filters over 8,000 gph).

Recreonics Inc.: 800-428-3254

Four-in-One Fun

Mazur's Water Tower Shower is a versatile water feature that will keep kids delightfully happy for hours on end. With its multi-feature component design, sprays are strategically placed around and on top of the tower, offering a combination of four features incorporated into one unit. Custom logos for the tower are also available, and design customization is always an option.

Mazur North America: 800-981-9849

Bored? Board!

FlowRiding is not just a ride, it's a sport—with the look of surfing, the ride of snowboarding, the tricks of skateboarding and boards derived from wakeboarding. FlowRiding will energize your facility with aspiring athletes who will pay again and again to enhance their board-riding skills. The ride is safe and designed to handle "wipeouts." The FlowRider's waveform is a proprietary composite membrane ride surface that is designed to absorb the energy of impacts. FlowRider® creates the perfect wave year-round in your facility.

Aquatic Development Group Inc.: 518-783-0038

Elevated Play

Vortex Elevations incorporates the principles of architectural design, premium materials, modular flexibility and loads of fun to provide long-lasting appeal and attraction. Vortex Elevations are based on a building-block principle, and the company has designed a variety of decks, deck links and bridges that easily interconnect to allow a structural configuration that works within your designed environment. This make Elevations acceptable to aquatic facilities with limited space, whether over a pool or a Splashpad—indoor or outdoor—optimize space by placing a Vortex Octodeck on an island in a lazy river to maximize your play space and increase the fun.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 877-5VORTEX (586-7839)

Chloramines Control

Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS) is a leader in ultraviolet technology for commercial aquatics. UV is a non-chemical approach to continually reduce harmful chloramines, a byproduct of chlorine use. Patrons, swim teams and staff, the air handler, deck equipment and overall facility will be protected from irritation and corrosion when you add UV. UV also disinfects chlorine-resistant pathogens like cryptosporidium. ETS's nationwide distributor network ensures long-term reliability with skilled technical support close at hand.

Engineered Treatment Systems LLC: 877-885-4628

Easy Access

Put aquatic exercise in reach for everyone with a pool lift from Aquatic Access Inc. The company builds a variety of lifts powered by the always-available, eco-friendly power of water. Several models meet all of the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. More than 20 years of lift-building experience has gained Aquatic Access an international reputation for versatility, safety and reliability, as well as for ease of use and simplicity of design. For these reasons, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition chooses Aquatic Access when a makeover requires access to a pool or spa.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 800-325-5438