Water Challenge

Wibit lets you take the challenge course to the water. Inflatable components—such as balance beam, high jump or bridge—quickly and easily connect, making for endless possibilities. Kids love to compete, and Wibit Aquagames make it easy to stage friendly competitions. Winners beam with pride from the podium, wearing their Aquagames souvenir medal. Wibit is much more than a product—it's the entire event! From colored headbands and T-shirts to referee's shirts and whistles to the podium and medals, Wibit has everything you need. And competitors can post their results online, competing against others around the world.

Commercial Recreation Specialists Inc.: 877-896-8442

Bold Boulder

Sport Rock Int'l, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of climbing walls for over 13 years, has developed an incredibly realistic boulder with an unsurpassed aesthetic appearance and the incredible real feel of a natural rock surface. These boulders are manufactured using a specially formulated ceramic-based resin with reinforced interior laminate for strength and durability. The Sierra is Sport Rock's largest boulder at 8 feet wide, 20 feet long and 9 feet high. The Summit (pictured here) is 7 feet wide, 9 feet long and 9 feet high. The smallest is the Cascade series, a set of three graduated boulders.

Sport Rock Intl: 805-434-2305


RockCraft Designs offers playground climbing boulders that feature a full range of natural climbing holds of various sizes to provide fun and adventure for climbers of all ages and abilities. The multitude of holds allows climbers to fully traverse the boulder and experience new challenges on every climb. The boulders all feature the signature "V" design, ensuring that in the event of a fall, all landings will be unimpeded. The RockCraft Designs team provides realistic finishes, including West Coast Granite, Selkirk Quartzite and Desert Sandstone.

RockCraft Designs: 866-786-1635

Pet Rocks

Park Pets & Boulders is a leading manufacturer and distributor of both an incredibly realistic climbing Boulders series and the nationally known, delightfully whimsical Park Pets animal play structures. Park Pets & Boulders has seven Pets to choose from. Both strong and lightweight, Park Pets & Boulders are a great addition to any park, playground or landscaping project. The Boulders are IPEMA certified. All products come with a five-year warranty.

Park Pets & boulders: 805-434-2305

Continuous Climb

Treadwall® combines the fun of climbing with functional total-body conditioning. Climbing increases flexibility, strengthens the all-important core muscles and improves focus and concentration. The ability to target specific areas while constantly utilizing the rest of the body creates the perfect cross-training platform for both the fitness and the sports worlds. Climbers have the option of self-paced (wall moves only when climber moves) or nonstop climbing. Handholds are completely modular and can be supplemented with industry-standard sets for individualized terrain. Compact sizing, motor-less engineering and proven durability make it simple and easy for any facility to offer climbing.

Brewers Ledge: 617-983-5244