Clean Up

ERC Wiping Products Inc. offers pre-saturated Equipment and Surface Wipes as a convenient, low-cost and effective solution to keeping your gym, health or fitness center safe and clean. These 7-inch by 9-inch wipes are manufactured using the same formula as other leading brands. Equipment and Surface Wipes are packaged two rolls to a case with 900 sheets on each roll. The rolls fit in an easy-to-mount Center Pull Dispenser and/or Bucket. ERC Equipment Wipes can remove sweat and grime from the surfaces found in an athletic center without leaving a messy residue. The wipes are safe to use on padded and rubber surfaces, metal plating, tanning beds and even electronic panels.

ERC Wiping Products Inc.: 800-225-9473

Noise Control

The high acoustic performance Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs) provide a simple, quick and cost-effective method for reducing background noise and reverberation in indoor recreational facilities, while maintaining or improving the room's appearance. These fire-resistant, graffiti-resistant wall and ceiling acoustic panels can now be obtained in virtually any color desired. EFPs can be color-specified to match or contrast with a facility's décor. Since the attractive, V-ridged EFPs are independent panels with superb sound-absorption properties, continuous wall and/or ceiling treatment is not required to achieve the desired room noise reduction.

Eckel Industries Inc.: 617-491-3221

Play and Learn

BCI Burke's fitness-oriented Intensity playgrounds have been such a hit that the company has retained two world-class experts on youth fitness, Donna Thompson and Susan Hudson, both of the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls and the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), to develop a curriculum in how to get the maximum fitness value from Intensity. The curriculum, designed for teachers and other individuals who supervise children in physical education classes and on playgrounds, provides step-by-step instructions for each Intensity event to help children achieve specific results. It has a suggested game for each Intensity event, as well as activities geared toward various fitness levels.

BCI Burke Company LLC: 800-266-1250

Wipe Out

Athletix Equipment Cleaner is a unique, alcohol-free product that eliminates the need for multi-use cloth towels, messy spray bottles and irritating fumes. Safe to use on vinyl, leather, chrome, rubber, foam grips, painted surfaces and electronic displays, Athletix Equipment Cleaner enables members and staff to effectively remove sweat, body oils and dirt from all fitness equipment. Plus, the odor-free, pre-saturated wipes eliminate overspray from bottles, which reduces the chance of damaging sensitive electronic components.

Contec Inc.: 800-289-5762

Tot Time

Landscape Structures Inc. has introduced the WeevosTM playsystem, a new gyroscopic environment for kids ages 2 to 5. Weevos is the perfect complement to the EvosTM playsystem, which changed the shape of play for kids ages 5 to 12-plus in 2007. The sweeping, arched design and new play components of Weevos provide a unique destination that appeals to toddlers and preschoolers. The playsystem is chock-full of unscripted play events, encouraging imaginations along with physical activity. And every inch of these spherical shapes is part of the three-dimensional play experience, offering endless opportunities for unstructured and inventive fun.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-4FUNLSI (438-6574)

Pop Star

C. Cretors and Company offers its large concession series of 32-ounce suspended-kettle popcorn machines. These high-volume machines feature an innovative lift-up kettle cover design that maximizes corn expansion. Also, the kettle's exclusive design maximizes the use of raw materials by providing more usable corn than competitive machines. Cretors' high-volume, 32-ounce suspended-kettle popcorn machines utilize stainless steel or nickel-plated all-steel kettles that resist corrosion and are extremely easy to clean. The machine's direct-drive kettle agitator prolongs motor life. These innovative suspended-kettle machines use technological advances proven to deliver the highest-quality popcorn in terms of texture, taste and visual appeal.

C. Cretors and Company: 800-228-1885

Calculation Station

The BioMeasure Adult Measuring System is a free-standing device that accurately measures weight, height, body fat percentage and instantly calculates body mass index (BMI) at the push of a button, then prints the results on a customizable ticket. The $1 bill acceptor offers a new revenue source, and the printed ticket allows for targeted marketing and advertising opportunities with each user.

Glenview Health Systems: 847-724-2691

Under Foot

Install Taraflex® Fitness Tile in weight rooms and cardio training areas. The textured-surface, 5-millimeter-thick tile resists indentations and reduces noise from walking and weights dropping. Semi-flexible and anti-static Fitness Tile comes in eight color patterns. Its dovetail-joint design connects the tiles tightly together without adhesives or welding to prevent shifts and odors. The interlocking design of these economically priced tiles allows them to be separated without tools and reinstalled for modernizing, expansion or relocation and used immediately. Fitness Tile is easy to clean with daily damp mopping and specially treated to resist scratches, food stains and reduce friction burns.

Gerflor Sports Flooring: 800-727-7505