Coring Aerator

Redexim Charterhouse Inc. unveiled two new models of coring aerators at the 2009 Golf Industry Show in New Orleans. Building on its reputation of manufacturing excellence, Redexim Charterhouse will offer for the first time the redesigned Verti-Core II and the latest Easy-Core series machines, which incorporate several new and improved features, including simple adjustments, a trouble-free belt-drive system and multiple tine options. With working speeds up to 3.5 miles per hour, the new coring machines save time and money and are the fastest on the market. Robust construction combined with simple adjustments make them reliable and easy to use.

Redexim Charterhouse Inc.: 800-597-5664

Sounds Good

Community Professional Loudspeakers has introduced the new MX41E series of stage monitors. The MX41E is a compact, versatile, two-way bass reflex floor monitor engineered to deliver the powerful, full-range performance Community live sound monitors are known for. Available in 90-by-40- or 60-by-40-degree coverage patterns, the MX41E is voiced for live performance use, providing balanced full-range musical performance with outstanding vocal range and powerful, focused coverage. Both models feature rotatable horns for narrower horizontal coverage. Angled backs allow the MX41E to be positioned at 30- or 45-degree angles.

Community Professional Loudspeakers: 800-523-4934

Rack ‘em Up

Resolve to get organized with new storage equipment from Power Systems. The new Premium Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack is the ultimate storage solution for weighted aerobic bars. Featuring six storage compartments, this solidly constructed steel rack holds a variety of weighted bar combinations. Store up to 72 bars ranging from 4 to 36 pounds. In addition to separate compartments, this premium-grade rack has adjustable feet for leveling and stabilizing on uneven floors. The Premium Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack is among 300 new products introduced recently by Power Systems.

Power Systems Inc.: 800-321-6975

Weighty Solution

Tanita's WB-3000 digital beam scale is ideally suited for various professional markets, including fitness, and remains the perfect replacement for the old mechanical balance-beam scale. The scale features an automatic body mass index (BMI) calculation and RS-232 and USB outputs to capture data to an external device. The durable, yet portable unit can easily be broken down into three modules—the display, the platform and the pillar—and is equipped with casters for easy mobility. The WB-3000 also features a mechanical height rod, allowing users' height to be taken at the same time as weight.

Tanita Corporation: 866-859-EDGE (3343)

Wide Receiver

The MYE Eclipse Wireless Replacement Receiver is the state-of-the-art replacement for all your old Cardio Theater and BroadcastVision receivers. The super-compatible new MYE Eclipse Wireless replacement receiver takes the hassle out of upgrading your old Cardio Theater and BroadcastVision receivers. The MYE Eclipse receiver is packed with the latest features including 900MHz and FM Radio in one unit. Additional features include self-diagnostic headphone jack, sleek compact design and new secure grip mounting. Make this the last entertainment receiver you'll ever purchase.

MYE Entertainment: 661-702-1919

Looking Good

Businesses will get noticed with the new Polar PeteTM . This attractive, cool design will heat up Sno-Kone® sales, increasing profits and encouraging repeat business. It's the perfect fit for businesses where merchandising is important. Polar Pete is made from a durable polymer material. It's scuff-resistant and lightweight, making it easy to transport. Plus, it's big enough to get noticed without taking up too much counter space, has a commercial-grade motor to blast through ice, and can easily be run on a standard 15-amp plug. Businesses can further boost sales with the new 8-ounce plastic, flower-shaped cups. Four different colors will draw attention as walking advertisements in crowds and make great displays.

Gold Medal Products Co.: 800-543-0862