Go Anywhere

With the Landeez all-terrain wheelchair, people with disabilities and the elderly can now enjoy park areas together with family and friends. The Landeez rolls easily over sand, snow, gravel and soft soils, making park areas completely accessible. The Landeez is the most comprehensive and cost-effective means of satisfying requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Unlike adding walkways, the Landeez makes entire areas accessible without the need for costly renovation. The Landeez makes the environment accessible without the need to alter its ecosystem.

Natural Access: 800-411-7789

Nice Ride

This sturdy, lightweight, all-terrain chair allows easier access in sand, snow and other soft soils. Four balloon tires give the chair extra stability that resists tipping and corners better than three-wheel designs. Order the unit with rear articulating wheels for easier maneuverability on soft surfaces. The unit comes standard with single motion park brakes, safety belt, umbrella, sliding footrest, storage bag and comfortable cushion seat. The chair quickly disassembles into two pieces for easy transport.

Aqua Creek Products LLC: 888-687-3552

Forecast: Showers

Shower Tower is the only outdoor shower constructed of a high-grade polymer/plastic designed for beach, volleyball, park and resort/pool use. Shower Tower's vandal-resistant design includes the column, which will never rust or need painting; self-closing, push-button control valves; and severe service, stainless and chrome-plated brass fixtures and hardware. Each tower can provide up to six user stations arranged in any combination of shower heads and foot-wash nozzles. Serves many in a small space. Easy to install. Easy to maintain. Handsome design in a variety of colors.

Shower Tower Inc.: 800-330-9073