Top It Off

Action Floor Systems, a leading manufacturer of premium athletic floors, provides an option for facilities to combine both a premium American hard maple court surface and water-based, seamless synthetic surface for a surrounding running track. Stunning white maple grown in the north woods of Wisconsin and Michigan tops a comprehensive selection of engineered subfloor systems to match specific performance requirements. Action HerculanĀ® polyurethane poured floors feature environmentally friendly solvent-free materials throughout.

Action Floor Systems: 800-746-3512

Safe Under Foot

SpectraTurf is a leading national manufacturer and installer of rubberized playground safety surfacing. They've installed millions of feet of the SpectraPour poured-in-place playground surfacing system at schools, parks and playgrounds throughout the United States. Available in a variety of thicknesses, SpectraPour provides impact attenuation per ASTM F1292-04 for fall heights ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet CFH.

SpectraTurf: 800-875-5788


Aeson Flooring's Encore Collection is the revolutionary "click and go" transportable hardwood floor with an integrated sprung subfloor. Recommended for virtually all activities, including basketball, volleyball, aerobics, martial arts and impact-sensitive exercise, its exceptional real hardwood design combines form and function. Encore can be line painted and is in stock for immediate delivery.

Aeson Flooring Systems: 800-523-0960

A True Bond

Pictured here is a parquet wood gymnasium floor being installed using NORDOTĀ® Adhesive #113D. This one component elastomeric urethane adhesive has excellent adhesion and flexibility, which lets the wood expand and contract without breaking. It fights mold, is VOC-compliant, does not contain flammable or toxic solvents and is low-hazard with a negligible odor. NORDOTĀ® Adhesive #113D bonds wood, rubber, vinyl, urethane/rubber sports surfaces and flooring to concrete, wood and metal sub-surfaces.

Synthetic Surfaces: 908-233-6803

Turnkey and More

From design assistance to installation, renovation or complete turnkey court systems, or just selected materials, Allied Products has what it takes to meet your project requirements. With more than 15 years of experience, they can properly address your racquetball/squash court and sports surfacing needs anywhere in the country. They have sports surfacing and floor systems designed and engineered for virtually any application you may have.

Allied Products LLC: 800-864-1272

Multipurpose Floors

Surface America, a leader in the playground, recreational and sports surfacing industry, has been transforming what America plays on since 1993. From seamless floors to snap-together tiles, Surface America offers the ultimate in multi-purpose gymnasium flooring with the industry's strongest wear coat. ElastoFloorTM , Surface America's line of seamless urethane floors, provides an ideal surface for basketball, volleyball, tennis, jogging and all other types of sport and recreational use. AmeriTileTM Indoor Sport snap-together tiles provide excellent traction while the rubber basemat absorbs both shock and sound, creating a high-performance, durable surface system.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Green Tiles

Dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, Dinoflex manufactures high-quality, recycled rubber tile surfacing for indoor sport and fitness applications. The company's self-aligning, interlocking rubber tiles can be easily installed, removed and reinstalled, extending the surface's life span. Dinoflex Rubber Tile Surfacing is an excellent choice for high-performance, sustainable green building design. Some of the many features and benefits are: sound-absorbing, slip-resistant, impact-absorbing, interlock system, stain-resistant, durable, minimal maintenance, easy to install, qualifies for LEED credits, and a five-year warranty.

Dinoflex: 877-713-1899

Information Hub

The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) is the authoritative source of innovative technical and general information for maple flooring and related sports flooring systems. Through cooperative member programs, MFMA establishes product quality, performance and installation guidelines to educate end users about safety, performance and maintenance issues and promotes the use of maple flooring products worldwide. Now the MFMA has combined information in one easy place, the MFMA Sourcebook, with expanded listings of members, along with MFMA's library of technical information, position statements, order forms, information on MFMA's Inspection Services and more.

Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association: 847-480-9138