Let It Grow

When heat is wanted to assist turf and soil in warming up, the GreenJacket® Permeable Grow-in covers act with the sun's power to create a greenhouse effect. The Grow-in cover will allow the turf and soil to breathe but at the same time retain moisture and dramatically increase the sun's ability to heat up the underlying turf. Perfect for jump-starting newly established turf and root development. Perfect for golf greens, baseball, football, soccer or any athletic field. GreenJacket® Permeable Grow-in covers are made of 2.5-ounce uncoated woven poly UV-resistant material.

NiceRink/GreenJacket: 888-786-2683

Blast Off

Crystal Fountains has launched the Dynamite BlastTM water effect, a colossal burst of water that rises up approximately two stories high, seven inches in diameter. It's the latest in the Crystal Fountains range of exciting water effects and is perfect for play decks and other water features. Custom-developed for the world-famous Crown Fountain at the heart of Chicago's Millennium Park, the Dynamite Blast creates the impression of a large mass of water, but with safe impact. With its clear acrylic faceplate and built-in light fixture, the water appears to glow from within.

Crystal Fountains: 800-539-8858

Wind Breaker

Enhance your sports fields with Bison's new Sport Pride Graphic Wind Screens. Graphics are virtually unlimited with Bison's full-color printing process. Durable 8-ounce mesh allows wind to pass through without damage. Screens are available in heights of 4 to 8 feet and unlimited lengths. All four edges are hemmed and have grommets every 18 inches. Screens over 100 square feet include free artwork layout.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Quantum Leap

Forget what you know about playground equipment. With the introduction of The Fusion play system, Xccent Play is changing everything. Fusion's non-linear design creates one giant, continuous and dynamic play feature. The fun virtually never ends, because every play event leads directly to another play event. No more standing around. For parents, administrators and playground monitors, The Fusion with its design jam-packed with play events, lets you invest in pure fun, not decks and stairs. The open sight lines in the Fusion also provide an easier means of supervising children and their play.

Xccent Inc.: 800-933-4748

High-Tech Climbing

DigiWall brings climbing into the 21st century by combining computer game technology, pro audio and modular climbing panels. DigiWall has hand and foot grips with built-in sensors and lights. In addition, the wall has a surround-sound audio system. Using this interface, games, exercises, challenges and aesthetic experiences are possible. DigiWall is preprogrammed with six classic games such as Pong, Memory and Follow the Leader. The games are intuitive, and each is available in three skill levels. When not in use, DigiWall becomes a beautiful sound and light installation.

Spectrum Sports International: 888-563-0163

Water Works

Kasco announced the latest addition to its line of decorative aerating fountains, model 4400JF. This new model is a high-efficiency 1HP floating fountain aerator that can be quickly installed in any medium-sized pond (up to 1/2 acre in size) to improve water quality and provide a dramatic display. The 4400JF includes a system of interchangeable nozzles packed with each unit that allow for five different pattern displays ranging from 10 feet tall to 28 feet wide.

Kasco Marine: 715-241-8227

Green and Clean

This "Zero Waste Technology" pet waste bag dispensing system from JJB Solutions combines the use of oxo-biodegradable bags and a unique patent-pending vending system that dispenses the bags one at a time, reducing waste.

JJB Solutions: 800-813-4869

Easy Rider

Jacobsen announced that the all-electric version of the EclipseTM 322 riding greens mower will be in production in 2009. With a simple, battery-powered system, the Eclipse 322 reduces noise, maintenance needs and fuel consumption, resulting in lower cost of ownership than traditional hydraulically driven machines. Like all mowers in the Eclipse line, the 322 allows superintendents to independently control mow speed, reel speed and frequency-of-clip to adapt performance to course conditions.

Jacobsen: 888-922-TURF (922-8873)