Launching Pad

The EZ Launch for Kayaks and Canoes is a port system made for paddlers of all abilities, and makes boarding, docking and recovering a kayak or canoe a breeze. The "cradle" was designed specifically to accommodate the dimensions of today's kayaks and canoes, and the roller and guide rail system provides paddlers easy launching and porting ability. Dedicated foot space on both sides of the vessel, as well as at the front, allow for maximum access and stability. The self-floating EZ Launch adjusts to changing water levels, and is modular, making it adaptable to any location. It can be used with a current EZ Dock system or with an existing traditional dock.

EZ Dock Inc.: 888-654-8168

Parks Count

Start a healthy lifestyle with a fun exercise program. Using economical radio frequency tags and readers, Orbiter is a complete, simple and easy-to-use system for counting laps and times. There are two Orbiter models to choose from: an easy-to-use battery-operated mobile unit for schools, nonprofits and events; or a fixed-base Orbiter for resorts and parks that includes a display. You'll be able to generate extra income and build your own social community, too.

Orbiter LLC: 866-938-3587


ErgoMattas, made from recycled rubber and PVC, has an anti-microbial additive to help prevent the growth of microorganisms and create a healthier environment in gym locker rooms and sports areas. The interlocking tile system is soft to walk on yet totally nonslip when wet. There are three surfaces available: solid surface, micro-holes, and 3/8-inch holes for wet areas like pools and showers. All styles have complete drainage systems, which make ErgoMattas highly suitable for all sports areas. Together with its roll-up capabilities, ErgoMattas is a superior floor system.

Mat Factory Inc.: 800-628-7626

Water Stop

The HydrationStationTM is a hands-free sensor-operated bottle filler that operates when a bottle is placed under the antimicrobially protected dispenser and stops automatically for a drip-free fill. The HydrationStationTM hooks up to a municipal water line, and using state-of-the-art filtration technology, polishes tap water into pure, refreshing drinking water that is on par with bottled water. It has been introduced at several universities across the country, and has received wide approval as a substitute for drinking fountains, or as an addition to existing drinking fountains.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297

Walk On

The new EZ Trail walkway system from EZ DockĀ® can easily be configured to meet ADA accessibility guidelines. It utilizes EZ Dock's patented connecting system, which allows the walkway to be configured, expanded and moved to suit any need or location. The modular segments are self-floating, providing access to wetlands. And unlike treated wood or foam-filled products, EZ Trail uses only safe, nontoxic materials that won't damage the habitat. EZ Trail is easy on the environment, as well as the people who own and use it. The sections are ultra-stable and strong, able to stand up to years of heavy weather and use with virtually no maintenance.

EZ Dock Inc.: 888-654-8168

Strength Builders

Great results, less intimidation. Like a traditional kettlebell, the korTM Kettleball is an excellent total-body strengthening tool. Constructed of pliable materials, it's an attractive, user-friendly alternative to cast-iron kettlebells. These nonscuffing kettleballs are uniformly sized for consistent technique development and feature a 1 1/4-inch molded handle for a solid grip and smooth rotation. Available in nine sizes from five to 35 pounds, the korTM Kettleball has a highly visible weight label and color-coded handle to indicate level.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Home Runs

Tee-Ball is the typical starting point for young baseball and softball players, but many children fear being hit and hurt by a thrown or batted ball. SureHitterĀ® is paving the way for the next generation of All-Stars. Invented by a retired educator and longtime coach and umpire, it gives parents and coaches complete control over the speed and direction of a real, moving baseball or softball, under safe conditions. It is an easy-to-use, effective teaching tool that eliminates fear of the ball, is always safe, permits an unlimited number of swings or catches with no ball-chasing, and smoothly transitions players from Tee-Ball to a real, moving ball.

J2R2 LLC: 877-572-7257

On the Water

The 75-root radius Floating Arc Dock features truss structure aluminum frames and is equipped with a wheel stop. Custom, ADA compliant, aluminum and stainless-steel cable hand rail system. Many decking options are available. Pictured here, the 2-inch by 6-inch wood decking system makes an attractive solution. IPM Docks & Boardwalks help to achieve designing goals, not compromise them.

IPM LLC: 866-646-3080