Beautiful Crowd Control

Protect perimeters and deter traffic with beautiful precast concrete planters by Petersen Manufacturing. Public safety and the protection of unwanted access to buildings has become an important part of our lives. Petersen Manufacturing can provide the strength and aesthetic values needed in precast barriers. Finish options include many colors, sandblasted and exposed aggregate textures. Custom designs welcome.

Petersen Manufacturing: 800-832-7383

Light It Up

Address your safety concerns with a Lumastrobe Portable, battery-powered (2 D-cells), super-bright LED products. Whether it is to control crowds or traffic, the Model BT-10, 21-inch-long marshalling wand is the answer. To draw attention to promotional signs or restricted areas, the BX-12, LED flasher with its unique optics is an excellent choice. Identify security or first-aid station locations with high-intensity strobe lights, Model M-2P. All products are non-pyrotechnic (no fumes, sparks or flames), rain-tight, and available in amber, blue, clear and red. Mounting options include magnetic, clamp, bolt and safety cone.

Precision Multible Controls Inc.: 201-444-7041

Auto Access

The new AX500 SXT Turnstile is available in two versions—single or double lane. Compared to standard products, the double lane version combines two lanes in one unit, either for an entry/exit or entry/entry configuration. The fully automated, motorized turnstile can be interfaced with your current membership software with a software or hardware interface. Available with modules for different reading devices like bar code, RFID, magnetic stripe, fingerprint or hand scanners.

Axess North America: 310-980-2826

Gateway to Recreation

Evolution Fence Company, a manufacturer of quality ornamental, powder-coated aluminum fencing, is now offering Custom Gates in its line of fencing. Evolution Fence offers both Single and Double Arch gates, custom manufactured to fit any architectural need for commercial recreation facilities. Custom gates can be up to 8 feet tall and up to 8 feet long. Gates are fully welded every picket to every rail and every rail to every frame junction. Gates are also available with locking devices as needed.

Evolution Fence Company: 631-951-9800

Wrist Watch

Price Chopper guarantees savings to all new wristband clients. They offer a wide variety of patterns and colors of Tyvek and vinyl wristbands. Check out the new tri-laminate and holographic plastic snap-on wristbands. With over 400 choices, all wristbands are non-transferable, waterproof and non-stretch. Price Chopper offers quick service for custom-printed wristbands, as little as 500. Consecutive numbers and tear-off stubs available as claim checks or for prize draws.

Price Chopper: 888-695-6220

Stop False Alarms

Stopper II has helped stop false fire alarms for more than 25 years without restricting legitimate alarms. The clear, protective cover mounts directly to the wall over an existing pull station. When lifted, a self-contained alarm sounds, drawing attention to the area. The cover helps deter pranksters from triggering false fire alarms, and reduces unnecessary business interruptions or evacuations (which can save precious time and money). Use of the Stopper II also helps ensure the local fire department is available for real fire emergencies instead of responding to a false alarm.

Safety Technology International Inc.: 248-673-9898

Temp Fence

Your seasonal outdoor businesses, construction sites or special public events deserve to be protected by the most transparent temporary fences on the market today. Event organizers have been successful in limiting the risk of theft while influencing positive traffic flow. Omega II Temporary Fences and Barriers are made of all-weather and maintenance-free galvanized steel components. Model PROTEC temporary fences (6 feet and 8 feet high) and Securigard (42 inches high) barriers offer competitive pricing and superior site protection over chain link, wood or plastic systems. These fence systems are versatile, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and difficult to climb.

Omega II Fence Systems: 800-836-6342

Mass Notification

Gamewell-FCI has produced a line of combination fire alarm/mass notification systems ideal for new construction and renovation applications. The E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation system from Gamewell-FCI provides superior fire alarm protection while serving as the backbone of an integral mass notification system. Multiple pre-recorded message capabilities, plus live voice paging and firefighter phone communications set this system's emergency voice/alarm communications capabilities apart. The E3 Series' distributed network makes for a more durable or "survivable" system, while a single unshielded, twisted pair of wires is capable of integrating virtually every facet of this fire alarm/mass notification system economically.

Gamewell-FCI: 203-484-6202