Peace of Mind

Allied Products LLC provides children's safety surfacing, giving you peace of mind. The surface is weather- and slip-resistant, and offers easy maintenance. It is water-permeable to eliminate pooling. With quick and easy installation, the surface is attractive and affordable, and is made from 100 percent recycled rubber. Ask about Allied Products' many other flooring options, as well.

Allied Products LLC: 800-864-1272

A Natural Look

Athletic & Recreation Products Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art safety surface featuring SafeGrassTM , the premier synthetic turf system for the next generation of playgrounds. SafeGrassTM , designed specifically for use under play equipment, meets all ASTM 1292-04 and ADA safety surfacing guidelines. SafeGrassTM is a comprehensive layered application utilizing existing ground cover. The middle layer is a dynamic drainage/attenuation blanket that distributes water to the perimeters, eliminating any standing water. The top/wearing layer is a highly durable, natural grass-like synthetic turf with low maintenance. SafeGrassTM is backed by a comprehensive five-year warranty.

Athletic & Recreation Products Inc.: 877-439-0321

Safe Footing

Dinoflex playground tiles provide a solid play area for toddlers to run and play on. Small toys and tricycles with wheels easily maneuver on this recycled rubber play surface. Dinoflex recycled rubber playground tiles are designed to provide an impact-absorbing surface around and under play equipment. This easy-to-maintain surface can be swept off or hosed down with a garden hose to keep the surface free of debris. Utilizing three different pigmented colors of playground tiles creates a pleasing design, adding further interest to the local daycare play area pictured here. To see many color options available in the Dinoflex recycled rubber playground tiles, visit the Web site.

Dinoflex: 877-713-1899

Above and Beyond

SofTILE is a highly durable safety surfacing system that locks in place, is vandal-resistant, class A fire-rated, and provides fall protection ratings that exceed national standards by more than 40 percent. SofTILE has been engineered with specific features designed to directly address issues associated with excessive maintenance, premature wear and non-compliance with safety standards. SofTILE carries the industry's only 10-year warranty including compliance with fall protection standards. The success of the SofTILE KrosLOCK brand has been rooted in its ability to offer lower total cost of ownership, while reducing liability concerns through strict performance benchmarks for impact attenuation.

SofSurfaces: 800-263-2363

Protection Selection

RecGrass is a soft, synthetic grass that provides a very low-maintenance, clean and reasonably priced safety surface for play areas. Choose from a heavy-duty low-pile RecGrass or a softer high-pile RecGrass. No messy infill materials on this grass because the RecBase underneath provides the drainage and fall protection. Zeager is a leading North American manufacturer offering a range of playground surfaces that meet ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA standards. Zeager's surfaces are third-party certified and have been lab and field tested under a variety of climate conditions.

Zeager Brothers Inc.: 717-944-7483

Star Surface

Surface America, a leader in the playground and recreational surfacing industry, has been transforming what America plays on since 1993. Surface America's playground surfacing products are IPEMA Certified and include PlayBoundTM Poured-in-Place, molded tiles and synthetic grass with infill. The PlayBoundTM Poured-in-Place system is a leading surface, designed with proven, high-quality materials to provide long-term performance, durability and consistent shock absorption. Mixed and applied on site, Surface America's playground surfacing is easily customized to meet safety and design requirements.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Surface Deep

Pebble-Flex® Surfacing is an ideal choice for all of your resurfacing and safety surfacing needs. Their UV-light-stable system combines thermoplastic urethane pebbles with aliphatic urethane binder making Pebble-Flex your choice if you need a soft, safe, durable, chlorine- and skid-resistant surface. Their products are the result of constant, ongoing research and development. Pebble-Flex® is ideal for spray parks, waterparks, pool decks and playgrounds. They can incorporate intricate designs using bright colors that won't fade or degrade in sunlight, and they offer a five-year warranty. When it comes to water soft surfaces, Pebble-Flex® is a technology leader.

Pebble-Flex: 732-897-0444

Grounds for Play

Playgrounds—where the imagination has no limits. No Fault embraces this concept with countless application options for its No Fault Safety Surface. Widely regarded as a poured-in-place industry standard, No Fault has been an innovator within the safety surface industry for over three decades. Their goals of dedication to service, quality and commitment to safety, in addition to ingenuity, set them apart. The unconventional playground pictured serves as a creative play area, and clearly demonstrates how this facility stands apart from others with its emphasis on safety and originality.

No Fault Sport Group LLC: 866-637-7678