Stop and Go

Fitzpatrick Restroom Buildings are available in a variety of configurations to suit specific client needs. The buildings are prefabricated in the factory and delivered to the site for quick and easy installation. Toilets are fitted with either drop tubes to a vault holding tank or composter, or water flush toilets to a sewer line or septic system. Units can be equipped with hand-washing sinks, showers, urinals and lighting packages. Buildings can be modified to include storage rooms, sheltered areas with bench seating, or make a request and Fitzpatrick will design one for you.

J.F. Fitzpatrick Industries Inc.: 800-661-8366

Tough Enough

Check out CXT®'s Concession/Restroom buildings. CXT® Concrete Buildings withstand hurricanes, floods and the nastiest of vandals. Add the cost-effectiveness of prefabrication and the ease of installation, and these buildings are hard to beat. The structures have all of the features desired in a concession/restroom and come delivered ready to use. The all-concrete roof and walls provide a durable vandal-resistant structure that can withstand the most severe conditions. The concrete can be textured with stone, wood lap, split face block or other aesthetically pleasing designs. The units are extremely easy to maintain, will not rust, rot or burn, and insects cannot eat them.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766

Customize It

Restroom Facilities Ltd. is a leader in the design/build/installation of high-quality, vandal-resistant, custom restroom/concession/storage buildings. From an urban park prone to vandalism to matching a historic landmark to a back-country waterless facility, if you need a restroom building with or without showers, or a concession stand with storage, Restroom Facilities Ltd. can do it all. They construct your building off site, ship it and install it in just two to three days with an experienced crew. The process is completed on time, on budget, with minimum site disruption.

Restroom Facilities Ltd.: 775-327-6060

Waste Not

Clivus Multrum's composting toilets and greywater irrigation systems conserve water and prevent the nutrients in human waste from becoming a source of pollution. For 35 years, Clivus Multrum has led the way in providing environmentally sound waste treatment solutions in North America and beyond. Today, their foam-flush toilets that use just 6 ounces of water per flush are used in green buildings, parks, recreation facilities, nature centers and homes around the world.

Clivus Multrum: 800-425-4887

Efficient and Effective

Biological Mediation Systems manufactures sustainable, custom-designed, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient structures and restroom facilities. BMS will work with you to create facilities meeting your needs. Architectural features and materials of existing structures can be matched. Biological Mediation Systems' WRS waterless system is one of the most efficient in the industry, reducing both waste and maintenance. Flush facilities, concession buildings and park entry stations can also be custom-designed.

Biological Mediation Systems: 800-524-1097

The Choice Is Yours

Easi-Set/Easi-Span restrooms feature a variety of finishes, colors and roof styles. Both plumbed and waterless options are available, as well as electrical or skylight lighting options. A non-electrical ventilation system called FAN (Fresh Air Naturally) is also available. These choices make remote restroom facilities without access to plumbing or electricity a reality. Sizes range from single, double, 12-by-20-feet, 20-by-24-feet, 24-by-30-feet, and custom. Additional applications can be incorporated into restrooms, including concessions, press boxes and storage. Moreover, Easi-Set/Easi-Span buildings can be used for dugouts, hazmat, pump houses and numerous utilities applications. They are ADA-compliant and green-friendly.

Easi-Set Industries: 800-547-4045

Nicer on the Nose

Odorous public restroom visits can be a thing of the past. TPRC has guaranteed "No Odor" restrooms that remain permanently non-absorbent for life. The key is their new Concrete additive technology that combines with Redi-mix chemicals to achieve the end result. Park departments now have the answer to the public outcry of improper cleaning and smelly restrooms.

The Public Restroom Company: 888-888-2060

Multi-User Facilities

Restroom Solutions Inc. designed and supplied this Multi-User Restroom/Shower facility for Moencopi Hopi Tribal Village Center in Tuba City, Ariz. Designed to be erected on-site and manufactured from block, this facility offers six separate heated rooms, each equipped with shower, toilet and sink. The building uses sprayed-on insulative coating inside and outside, keeping the building comfortable year-round. Six different tribal families are assigned to each room to provide sanitary restroom and shower facilities for these denizens of the Arizona desertlands. Restroom Solutions for 20 years has provided solutions for recreation facilities featuring indestructible, aesthetically appealing and maintenance-friendly restrooms.

Restroom Solutions Inc.: 800-678-0284