Outside In

Atria offers a light, airy indoor swimming environment. Atria's light-transmitting insulated polycarbonate opening roof systems create natural ventilation and clean fresh air, providing unique member/customer appeal. Materials and designs minimize maintenance and lengthen usable life. Aluminum frames and rafters are baked-on color applications. Factory pre-assembly, delivery on company trucks. Factory installation upon request.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231

Skirt the Issue

The Kwik-Skirt by Kwik-Covers offers an innovative new technique to covering and skirting tables. Perfect for buffet, registration or trade show tables, the Kwik-Skirt covers the front and two sides of a standard 6- or 8-foot banquet table using Velcro-like fasteners for easy installation and removal. To install the Kwik-Skirt, you simply stretch the custom-fit Kwik-Cover over the table. Then just unroll the Kwik-Skirt, attaching it to the cover with the hook and loop style Velcro-like fasteners, which are already on both the skirt and the cover. The Kwik-Skirt is re-usable, unlike other skirts currently on the market, which require the use of adhesive tape and can only be used one time.

Kwik Covers: 866-586-9620

Pop More, Go Green

Gold Medal continues to set trends with the latest innovations: the new energy-efficient Super Pop Maxx kettle and EcoSelectTM popcorn bags. The 16-ounce Super Pop Maxx kettle has a unified heating element, which uses the lowest possible energy with the maximum popping capacity. (Businesses can make 16 of the 32-ounce size bags of popped corn every three minutes.) It also saves valuable counter space. Businesses can "go green" with the new, eye-catching laminated popcorn bags. Made with EcoSelectTM natural-fiber papers, the bags tap into the red-hot trend that promotes the use of environmentally friendly products.

Gold Medal Products Co.: 800-543-0862

Easier Access

Working in hard-to-reach areas is now even easier with the new Bobcat® T110 compact track loader. With a width of 47 inches, the T110 can travel through narrow openings or on narrow lot lines without treading on a neighbor's property. It also provides excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio that provides pushing and digging forces to quickly complete work. The durable, all-steel undercarriage withstands the toughest digging conditions, while the flotation of the rubber tracks prevents damage to existing turf. Bobcat provides 26 attachments for the T110 to turn it into a versatile and productive machine.

Bobcat: 866-823-7898

Fine Dining

Clipper Mill brings showmanship right to your table with attractive and functional tabletop items that boost your sales. Clipper Mill products offer a cost-effective way to "frame" menu items and provide increased perceived value through innovative food presentations. In addition to their captivating appearance, many Clipper Mill service items offer a dual function by providing portion control sizing to help control costs. And with the current trend toward downsizing portions as a cost-saving measure, for both operators and customers, Clipper Mill products really satisfy. From fry baskets to shot glass caddies and more, whatever the menu, whatever the need, there's a solution that's bound to cause a sensation.

Clipper Mill: 415-330-2400

Stop Stains

SeaKlear® now offers two products specifically designed to clear metal stains as well as prevent metal stains in swimming pools. Metal Klear prevents metal staining and helps clear discolored water caused by high metals—making it ideal for salt-system pools. Metal Stain Control prevents metals from staining surfaces. These products are also now available in the SeaKlearSpa line for spas as well as the swimming pool product line.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 888-282-6766

Backwash Control

Pentair Water Commercial Pool & AquaticsTM now offers a unique backwash controller that simplifies the backwash cycle of filtration systems equipped with diaphragm-style backwash valves. This semi-automatic programmable backwash controller can backwash up to six filters in sequence via the integral multi-port pressure distribution valve. The multi-port pressure distribution valve actuates the diaphragm-style backwash valves using city water or compressed air. The unit even offers an "advance" feature designed specifically for saving water and energy. The enhanced efficiency of this unit makes it one of the most eco-friendly backwash controllers on the market.

Pentair Commercial Pool & Spa: 800-831-7133

In Color

The Lyon Locker Advantage offers a complete selection of locker configurations in 30 premier colors or use computerized color matching for an infinite selection of custom colors. The Lyon premier powder coating process provides 1.5 to 2.0 mil coverage at no extra cost. This coverage thickness exceeds most conventional and competitive coatings. Lyon's premier powder coating process is standard on all lockers, both in-stock and manufactured. The result is decades of protection from corrosion in harsh environments. LEED focused and environmentally friendly, the process gives off no VOCs. Lyon Workspace Products is ready to assist in your LEED certification documentation.

Lyon Workspace Products: 630-892-2261