Graffiti Solution

Hadrian's anti-graffiti powder-coated finish for metal toilet partitions and lockers is your best defense against unsightly graffiti. It allows the use of commercial graffiti removers to completely eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the finish. The powder coating retains its original brilliance and no ghost of the graffiti is left behind. Removal is easy as no special manufacturers' graffiti removal kit is required, and commercial graffiti removers are available at most hardware, industrial supply and cleaning supply stores.

Hadrian Inc.: 440-942-9118

Surface Solution

DuraGrid® safety matting is the ideal cost-effective solution for unsightly, cracked areas and provides a cosmetically appealing cushioned surface. The free-draining, slip-resistant matting contains Vinyzene® SB-1, an antimicrobial agent that fights mold, mildew and infectious bacteria. Patented 12-by-12-inch, 1/2-inch thick interlocking tiles simply snap together to form a surface of any size, length, width or shape. Modules come in three styles and five colors: beige, gray, brick red, royal blue and black. Perfect for any locker room shower area.

SnapLock: 800-457-0174

Lock It Up

Smarte Carte provides revenue-generating locker solutions that are customer- and facility-friendly. The Smarte Locke® 1000 Series locker system gives customers convenient RFID wristband access, while eliminating the facility's concerns of poor security and lost keys. When guests scan the RFID wristband at any Smarte Locke locker station, a door is immediately assigned and opened. Smarte Carte's multiple-entry feature allows guests to re-enter the locker as often as they like for the duration of their stay. Smarte Locke electronic lockers also include computerized management functions to monitor locker activity, increase locker availability, maximize security and significantly reduce locker maintenance.

Smarte Carte: 800-838-1176

Totally Reengineered

Tufftec® 2.0 Lockers from Scranton Products are superior in the toughest environments where high moisture can have an adverse effect on just about everything. Tufftec 2.0's bookcase design feature keeps the lockers more rigid, ensuring a plumb installation that yields a precise fit and finish. Tufftec 2.0 also boasts a new, smart, ergonomic handle specifically designed to fit the average human hand. Tufftec 2.0's quiet spring-loaded latch runs the full length of the door for easy open and close. Tufftec 2.0 is scratch- and dent-resistant. It will never rust, corrode or delaminate.

Scranton Products: 800-445-5148

Towel Off

ERC Wiping Products Inc. is a leading distributor of low-cost workout and bath towels to athletic, fitness and recreation facilities throughout the United States. ERC's towels are ideal for locker rooms and workout areas because they have a distinguishable colored stripe to prevent loss and theft. The colored stripes on your towels help patrons recognize their personal towels from the towels you provide, lowering the chances of accidentally walking off with your towels. These towels are white with your choice of a blue, green or gold stripe down the center. The striped hand towels are 16 by 27 inches, and the bath towels are 22 by 44 inches.

ERC Wiping Products Inc.: 800-225-9473

Water Free

This urinal is tough and waterfree. The Falcon Waterfree F9000SS stainless steel urinal offers a unique combination of durability and contemporary design. At a low list price, the urinal is unbreakable and saves up to 40,000 gallons or more of water per year. The bowl is constructed of grade 304, 16-gauge stainless steel for unsurpassed performance. Like its vitreous china Falcon counterparts, the F9000SS includes a patented cartridge with biodegradable sealant to provide odor-free operation. With no flushing mechanism, the F9000SS eliminates valve maintenance too—another key advantage over traditional, flush-style urinals.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies: 866-275-3718

Lock It Up

Hafele now offers low-voltage, electromagnetic and electro-mechanical locking systems for all furniture solutions. EFL15 is a compact, high-load locking mechanism that uses eight locking jaws to capture and hold an inserted mating stud. EFL 25 is a very thin inline lock fastening mechanism designed for high-cycle applications where space is limited. It uses two jaws and a sliding lock to capture and hold an inserted lock bolt. Both models can can open under side load pressure and both are fail-secure. The MCL-1 Nano Magnetic Lock is a compact medium load locking mechanism that uses electromagnetic energy to capture and hold an armature plate.

Hafele America Co.: 800-423-3531

Save Water

Waterless Co.'s No-FlushTM urinals have become a worldwide urinal standard in commercial and institutional facilities. Extending its non-water-using urinal product line, Waterless Co. has released its Waterless No-FlushTM BorregoTM urinal. The fixture is made of vitreous china, is ADA compliant and is available in the standard Sanitary White color. Custom solid colors are available upon request. The BorregoTM fits the pallet spot for a 16-inch wide urinal. Like all other Waterless products, it easily installs to existing 2-inch drain line connections. New construction installations have the advantage that water supply lines do not have to be installed.

Waterless Co. LLC: 760-727-7723