Disc Golf Options

Whether you are looking for discs, tournament gear or baskets for a disc golf course, there are so many options for equipment, service and supplies that it can be hard to figure out where to begin. To help you with these choices, Disc Golf Association has put together a few simple, straightforward and competitively priced packages that take the guesswork out of your next disc golf equipment purchase. RDGA Packages are designed to have everything you need. These packages range from easy-to-set-up portable baskets and recreational disc golf discs to permanent courses with custom-stamped discs and tee signs.

Disc Golf Association: 831-722-6037

Play Date

Recreation Creations Inc.® prides itself on creating innovative playground equipment to meet and exceed the needs of schools, parks and early childhood centers. Due to their commitment to a safer environment, RCI is proud to now be certified to ISO 14001-2004. The equipment is durable, safe, environmentally friendly and addresses the physical activity necessary for children to maintain good health, weight and fitness. RCI offers a colorful bonanza of age and ability-appropriate play structures that inspire imagination, challenge and adventure. Post-consumer recycled material is incorporated in producing RCI's environmentally friendly playground equipment. RCI is devoted to assist in planning the optimum playground for your needs.

Recreation Creations Inc.: 800-766-9458

Two in One

Would you like to eliminate the cost of buying many different types of tables for different uses? Southern Aluminum offers a solution with the T2TM table. The T2TM is two tables in one—a sleekly designed training table that can be transformed in seconds into a 30-inch wide banquet table that support 3,000 pounds. The T2TM features a flat edge with new color permeated vinyl perimeter to reduce the visibility of scratch marks. You can also customize your T2TM with over 200 laminate choices. Come see this revolutionary, LEED-compliant table at the NRPA Expo.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408

Keep It Clean

Brock Enterprises offers the WEDA W-50 Automatic Pool Cleaner as part of its large selection of high-quality products. WEDA is the first commercial cleaner that is made powerful, rugged and guaranteed to clean now smaller and the largest of swimming pools. Made with cast-aluminum pumps, drive units and frames, cast-chromium alloy pump impellers filtering up to 19,000 GPH water volume.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

Slide In

Landscape slides are an excellent way to increase the aesthetic value of your surroundings while providing and exciting and fun waterslide experience. Available in open or closed flume that can meander around the hillside for a range of 20 feet to 300-plus feet. Factory assistance is available in determining the slide elevation, location and radius. Discover flexibility and fun for your facility with Natural Structures' products: pool slides, closed flume waterslides, open flume waterslides and combination waterslides, hillside waterslides, narrow deck waterslides, water toys, shelters, site amenities and more.

Natural Structures: 800-252-8475


Introducing the budget-friendly Stainless Steel Rinsing Shower (model 5004 SMSS) from Most Dependable Fountains Inc.TM First spend your available dollars wisely by requesting a shower built by Most Dependable Fountains. Second, order a 5004 SMSS for your beach at the introductory price of only $995. Third, enjoy the refreshment provided by a cool spray of fresh water after playing in the sun. The 5004 features one shower head and a price designed to provide the best shower to anyone. All 17 colors apply. The 5004 SM in standard steel is only $895.

Most Dependable Fountains Inc.: 800-552-6331

Made in the Shade

Sports teams and fans are enjoying newly renovated playing fields at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas. Long considered "The Sports Capital of Texas," Round Rock did everything in typical Texas style: big. ICON personnel worked with design professionals from Shrickel-Rollins and Associates in Dallas and BWM Group in Round Rock to produce large shade structures behind the backstops on 24 fields. These structures were part of the renovation to the ballfields in what is now called the Hall of Fame Softball Complex.

ICON Shelter Systems Inc.: 800-748-0985

UV Disinfection

Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS) is a leader in ultraviolet technology. UV is a non-chemical approach to continually reduce harmful chloramines, a byproduct of chlorine use. Patrons, swimmers and staff will be protected from corrosion by adding UV. UV as supplemental disinfection destroys chlorine-resistant pathogens like cryptosporidium with no byproducts. ETS's nationwide distributor network provides skilled technical support close at hand to ensure reliability. ETS's five-year warranty is the finest in the industry. Made in the USA.

Engineered Treatment Systems LLC: 877-885-4628