Totally Modular

Skatewave® modular skateparks offer a complete design advantage. You'll work with experienced designers who will create a park that is perfectly matched to your site, budget, riders and community. The Skatewave team will design a park that meets current and future needs of your riders and considers their varied interests. Skatewave skateparks are for traditional skaters and BMX riders who want a classic park, as well as street skaters who prefer the thrill of a plaza. From the youngest beginners to the more experienced riders, Skatewave can create a park that keeps everyone challenged and safe.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 866-SK8-WAVE (758-9283)

Skate on This

Spohn Ranch is a leading skatepark construction and design firm based in Industry, Calif. Spohn Ranch's deep roots in skateboarding originate with the first X-Games in 1995, when they were hired by ESPN to design and build the competition courses. Since then they have gone on to build over 450 skateparks around the world for communities with a wide range of needs and circumstances. Always innovating and progressing as a company, Spohn Ranch tackles each skatepark project with a unique approach and an extreme dedication to the athletes they are serving.

Spohn Ranch: 877-489-3539

Ramp Up Your Parks

There is a handful of famous skate spots around the world regularly featured in skate magazines and videos. It is now possible to bring these coveted skate spots to your local skatepark. From the Sants Bench in Barcelona, Spain, to the Hubba Hideout in San Francisco—American Ramp Company has developed its Replica Series equipment to duplicate these sites exactly down to the precise angles and dimensions, and ARC engineers have improved the structural durability to withstand maximum skateboarding abuse. Replica Series equipment can be incorporated into master plan designs or can easily be added to existing skatepark facilities.

American Ramp Company: 800-949-2024

Accessible Fitness

TriActive America announced the Accessible Multi-Gym product line, designed for exercisers in wheelchairs, users with limited mobility and individuals undergoing physical therapy. The product line provides overall functional fitness benefits, improving strength, coordination and flexibility. The carefully chosen combination of features and arrangements are available in three versions. Components include Shoulder Wheel, Hand Bike, Foot Bike, Foot Press, Pec Fly, Rower, Shoulder Lift and Handle Rotator.

Triactive America: 805-595-1005

Locking System

Using transponder technology, Hafele's Dialock LockerLock Tag-itTM system creates a high-level locking system for locker or casework door applications. LockerLock mounts to the inside of the door and is capable of storing the last 150 locking transactions and more than 200 user keys in its memory. To lock and unlock, you simply press the push button with an authorized key. Red and green LEDs show a visual indication of programming progress and key authorization. Optional programming features include a wellness function, free choice of open lockers. Any key can lock then open the same locker, and there is an emergency master key for management functions.

Hafele America Co.: 800-423-3831

Shower Power

Shower Tower, the only outdoor shower constructed of high-grade polymer/plastic designed for beach, volleyball, park and resort/pool use. Shower Tower's vandal-resistant design includes the column, which will never rust or need painting; self-closing, push-button control valves, and severe service, stainless and chrome-plated brass fixtures and hardware. Each tower can provide up to six user stations arranged in any combination of shower heads and foot-wash nozzles. Serves many in a small space. Easy to install. Easy to maintain. Handsome design in a variety of colors.

Shower Tower: 800-330-9073

Get Around

Ariens Company introduced the new Gravely® Treker utility vehicle. An all-around vehicle to assist with hauling, moving and dumping, the Gravely Treker offers standard equipment typically not found. Without leaving their seat, operators can push a button on the standard electric bed lift and the actuator elevates the bed to deposit payload where needed. Also standard is the front brush guard, which provides added durability and offers protection against front impact damage. Additional features include a four-wheel independent suspension integrated to deliver a comfortable ride, and an auto-lock rear differential, which works when the rear tires slip.

Gravely, an Ariens Company: 812-481-5508

Chlorine Machine

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics has improved its popular commercial-grade IntelliChlor® for onsite chlorine generation. The new and improved electrolytic chlorine generator now offers the option of choosing from 2 pounds/day chlorination output with one cell all the way up to 32 pounds/day with 16 cells. The new unit creates fantastic water quality without the drawbacks of manual chlorine additions. Facility managers only need pure water softener salt to provide chlorination sanitation with fewer chemicals to maintain water balance. The Commercial IntelliChlor® offers full diagnostic capabilities, including cell life tracking as well as daily performance data.

Pentair Water Commercial Pool & Aquatics: 800-831-7133