Move It

Mobile Bleachers by Custom Components & Structures (CCS) are self-contained, mobile seating systems. Constructed of galvanized steel structure and aluminum seating and footboards, they come complete with aisle, enclosed risers and increased footboard width. Equipped with a self-contained hydraulic actuator for fast, one-person setup, they save time and money by installing within minutes. Guardrails automatically fold and unfold and do not require additional assembly or latching. No tools required and no loose hardware to misplace. Bleachers meet IBC 2000 code requirements. The push of a button is all that's needed to provide hours of enjoyment for your spectators.

Corrigan’s Custom Built Structures: 920-336-2588

Seating Upgrades

The latest innovation in stadium seating, Maximus, permanently upgrades any new or existing bench seating to an individualized chair back seating. Maximus is the same size as typical flip-up-style chairs at half the cost without sacrificing any comfort or durability. With no moving parts, it is virtually maintnenace-free. Also, use its sponsorship logo area to create additional revenue streams. The new custom-designed seating system will turn your existing bleachers with limited legroom and comfort into new bleachers with additional legroom and comfort without the cost of having to replace your entire bleacher.

Seating Solutions/BleaChair: 877-725-3242

Seat Expansion

Expanding an existing football stadium is an economical way to increase seating capacity for a growing student population and fan base. H&H Enterprises can install new bleachers (Additions) that will accent and enhance the existing stadium. And if you would like to match the existing school color, it's easy to do at minimal additional cost.

H&H Enterprises: 800-878-7777