Turf Technology

Trusted by dozens of professional teams and hundreds of NCAA colleges, high schools and city parks and recreation departments, FieldTurf's patented artificial turf technology provides the perfect playing surface for athletes on over 3,000 fields worldwide. With their proprietary infill mix and durable grass-like Duraspine fibers, no other turf system comes as close to replicating the perfect natural grass field. Tarkett Sports' number-one priority has always been safety toward the environment and the athlete. A long-term, ongoing testing program has proven FieldTurf's safety compared to other turf systems as well as natural grass in most critical areas of player safety.

FieldTurf: 800-724-2969

Courting a Solution

SportMaster multi-sport asphalt and concrete surfacing products feature 100 percent acrylic resins to ensure long-term protection in all climate conditions. Attractive colors and specially engineered textures produce a surface that will provide enjoyment and performance for years to come. From tennis court play to the rigors of competitive inline hockey, SportMaster Sport Surfaces provide the optimum surface. Their nationwide and worldwide network of professional sport surfacing contractors is available to provide on-site recommendations and application services.

SportMaster: 800-395-7325

Tough Turf

TigerTurf offers advanced synthetic sports fields, landscape and playground products throughout North and Latin America. A member of TigerTurf International, one of the largest turf manufacturers in the world, the company operates from a full-service manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. One of TigerTurf's newest products, TigerPlay, accommodates all types of games, from basketball to hopscotch, tennis and more, with its low pile height. It's created for year-round use and is available in a broad array of colors for inviting use and creativity.

TigerTurf Americas: 512-782-8175

Fields of Dreams

As a national synthetic turf field builder, building fields is a labor of love for A-Turf. So, building the fields at Diamond Nation, a baseball and softball tournament and training facility in New Jersey was love—times six. Spanning more than 531,000 square feet, the project called for a half-dozen A-Turf® fields. Each A-Turf field is engineered specifically for the unique demands of baseball and softball—delivering consistent ball bounce and roll. Designed with slight modifications to the fiber pile height and the rubber and sand infill mix, the fields replicate natural grass while providing optimal play in any weather conditions.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Maximize Your Track

Standing water can damage a track's synthetic surface and shorten its performance life, particularly in freeze-thaw climates. An effective drainage system quickly removes rainfall and can create a barrier against runoff from surrounding areas, which often brings damaging sediment and debris with it. ACO Sport offers a wide range of track drainage systems, featuring straight and radius channels with a variety of covers to meet the design and budget requirements of any athletic facility from high schools to IAAF tracks.

ACO Polymer Products Inc.: 800-993-2738

Turf Tests

Turf Diagnostics & Design performs testing and consulting for maintenance, renovation and construction of both synthetic and natural turf sports fields. They are accredited by A2LA and are on the USGA list of recommended labs. Services include laboratory testing of soil, sand, aggregates and amendments. They also perform field hardness testing (GMax) and other on-site assessments. Subgrade and rootzone evaluations are specialties. Turf Diagnostics & Design has provided quality testing and consulting services for over 18 years. Their evaluations and recommendations can have a positive impact on the profitability, playability, longevity and safety of your fields.

Turf Diagnostics & Design: 913-723-3700

Track Protection

Use Turtle Tiles to create a walking surface over your track. You can run across the track and onto the field with your cleats on and Turtle Tiles will protect the underlying track surface. Mix and match the tiles to create your school name or logo. Available in most school colors. Made in the USA out of 100 percent recycled plastic.

Turtle Plastics Co.: 800-756-6635

Outdoor Adhesive

Pictured is a rain-permeable synthetic turf athletic field being installed using NORDOT® Adhesive from Synthetic Surfaces Inc. The white NORDOT® Adhesive is being airless-sprayed on a black shock-absorbent and rain-permeable subsurface before synthetic turf is unrolled onto it for bonding. The entire system remains porous because of the design and spray characteristics of the NORDOT® Adhesive.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803