Outside In

Atria offers a light, airy indoor swimming environment. Atria's light-transmitting insulated polycarbonate opening roof systems create natural ventilation and clean fresh air, providing unique member/customer appeal. Materials and designs minimize maintenance and lengthen usable life. Aluminum frames and rafters are baked-on color applications. Factory pre-assembly, delivery on company trucks. Factory installation upon request.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231

Year-Round Fun

Especially for outdoor swimming pools in wintertime and also for tennis and basketball year-round, check out the Superstructure Airdome Enclosure. Multi-purpose domes can be used for covering practice sports fields, providing emergency housing or protecting work or construction areas from the elements. Vinyl and reinforced vinyl air-supported domes can be created to cover swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball courts. Indoor courts also provide year-round play, without interruption from rain or cold. Covering pools can reduce heating and cleaning costs and provides year-round use even in the coldest environments.

Air Structures Inc.: 800-824-8565

Something for Everyone

From garden sheds and pool cabanas to cabins, garages and gazebos, you're sure to find something that works, delivered to your door in an easy-to-assemble prefabricated or precut kit. Give Summerwood's Custom Design Center a whirl and create your own design, choosing from a wide selection of options, complete with detailed quote. Let Summerwood take your idea from conception to completion, and see the difference.

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