Climb High

WingWallTM climbing areas bring the fun of climbing to playgrounds. Each independent climbing wall is 6 feet tall, 8 feet wide, economical and reconfigurable. Install several to form a climbing maze, or just one for simple fun. Kids can climb up, over and in between for hours. Climbable features, grab rings that encourage movement between walls, optional colors and 32 modular holds featuring LedgeLocTM anti-spin technology all add up to a customizable experience. The surface is roto-molded in UV-resistant polyethylene with a galvanized steel structure. Built under IPEMA standards to ASTM/CPSC requirements.

Brewer’s Ledge Inc.: 800-707-9616

Nature and Nurture

Play Mart's literally ground-breaking Nature At PlayTM line introduces products that allow caregivers to easily provide young children with the opportunity to have authentic experiences with nature—water, sand, dirt, butterflies, birds, gardening—as well as music. Even an infant can experience the outdoors in a protective environment and experience some aspect of the natural world. Musical instrument play components, gardening beds and bowls, and vine-covered arch hideaways represent products that are developmentally and anatomically designed for the very young child and meet ASTM/CPSC guidelines. Products are made from recycled, nontoxic, heavy-duty, low-maintenance materials and are modular in design.

Play Mart Inc.: 866-630-5178

Play Date

Recreation Creations Inc.® prides itself on creating innovative playground equipment to meet and exceed the needs of schools, parks and early childhood centers. Due to their commitment to a safer environment, RCI is proud to now be certified to ISO 14001-2004. The equipment is durable, safe, environmentally friendly and addresses the physical activity necessary for children to maintain good health, weight and fitness. RCI offers a colorful bonanza of age and ability-appropriate play structures that inspire imagination, challenge and adventure. Post-consumer recycled material is incorporated in producing RCI's environmentally friendly playground equipment. RCI is devoted to assist in planning the optimum playground for your needs.

Recreation Creations Inc.: 800-766-9458

Safety First

Put safety first when you install playground basketball systems. Bison's Mega-Duty gooseneck basketball pole has a 72-inch-wide safe play area between pole and goal. The goal mounts through the backboard directly to the 5 9/16-inch O.D., galvanized steel pole to virtually eliminate stress on the backboard when hanging occurs. Heavy-duty backboard braces and 48-inch in-ground bury depth increase durability. Mega-Duty poles come in six playground packages with various backboards and goals, or order separately. Bison also recommends pole padding to increase player safety. The Mega-Duty pole has a lifetime limited warranty.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Fitness Focus

Playland offers a great value with its Active Play Series, a ground-based concept that features motion events and overhead climbing and traversing. These structures offer incredible play value including all the fun, without the two most costly elements of traditional play structures: roofs and decks.

Playland International: 800-356-4727

Play for LEED

Progressive Design Playgrounds designs and manufactures state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly commercial children's playground equipment and recreation site furnishings that qualify for LEED points. With a strong commitment to providing fun and safe play environments for children as well as to the preservation of the earth's natural resources, Progressive Design Playgrounds uses 100 percent recycled plastic to create bright and colorful play structures and other site amenities that are safe and durable. No project is too large or small.

Progressive Design Playgrounds: 800-585-3131

Outdoor Gym

ENERGITM by Playworld Systems® is a total-body outdoor fitness system developed for ages 13 and up, combining functional fitness and body-weight training to deliver a workout that connects all five of the body's major anatomical systems, and exercises nearly all of its 206 bones and 600 muscles. By using your body weight and movement patterns, ENERGI safely utilizes an integrated approach that better trains the body. With five stations offering three levels of intensity and a total of 120 exercises, the progressive workout regimen, for beginners to experts, pushes everyone to achieve their personal best.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Play for All

Bankshot Playcourts provide inclusion, socialization of the differently abled for all members of a community—and play-value challenging fun for all ages. A perfect sport for camps, schools, playgrounds, recreation and fun centers. Many ages play alongside, not against, one another. No one is marginalized. Bankshot Sports are nonaggressive, non-running sports activities. Seventy-six players participate simultaneously in a third of a tennis court, adding to the mixture of play.

Bankshot Sports: 800-933-0140