Make an Impression

The goal of any successful campaign is in the profits generated. Let Brick Markers® USA show you how, with its team of expert professionals. Brick Markers offers patented Vitralase® and Vitrix® bricks, pavers and tiles as a way of giving donors the assurance of knowing their brick will last a lifetime. Brick Markers USA Inc. provides its clients with full-service packages from the order-processing center to locator design services. They offer specialized marketing ideas to meet fundraising needs and raise profit margins, design of promotional materials and order forms, locator design service, verification and location mailings, production and shipping, replicas and certificates and management reporting.

Brick Markers® USA Inc.: 800-634-8948

Water Cleaner

Otterbine Aerators provide natural solutions to water quality problems that threaten your pond or lake. Both their surface and subsurface aeration systems effectively induce oxygen into the water column promoting natural aerobic digestion of excessive waste, runoff and algae that can consume your water features. Otterbine aerators can deter algae growth, odor, fish kills and discoloration, as well as deter insects, so in most cases, there is no need for the additional use of chemicals or algaecides. Ideal for irrigation, recreational and leisure ponds, and detention/retention ponds, Otterbine aerating fountains offer superior water quality management.

Otterbine Barebo Inc.: 610-965-6018

Cleanup Time

GymWipes, an industry leader in equipment cleaning, are specially formulated, cellulose-blend disposable wipes, designed to easily clean and sanitize all fitness equipment surfaces. The GymWipes product lines ranges from EPA-registered disinfecting/sanitizing formulas that protect against 50 pathogens, including MRSA and H1N1 to anti-microbial cleansing formulas for affordable cleaning options. All formulas contain no phenol, alcohol or bleach and are freshly scented. Buckets, refills and attractive dispensers and stands are available. Enjoyed by an extensive and growing customer base, see how Gymwipes will make a positive impact in your facility.

2XL Corp.: 888-977-3726

Ground Cover

AlturnaMATS ground protection mats virtually eliminate ground restoration costs. The AlturnaMAT was designed for heavy equipment and to keep equipment from getting stuck in the mud, sand or snow and to keep the equipment from tearing up manicured landscapes. This style is available with cleats on both sides, one side or smooth both sides, depending on your application. The AlturnaMATS are available in black or white, in sizes ranging from 2-by-4-feet up to 4-by-8-feet. They are 1/2-inch thick and are guaranteed for six years.

AlturnaMATS Inc.: 888-544-6287