Cooling Cannon

Aquatic Technology's new aeration cannon not only cools warm pools down to a reasonable temperature, it also increases water quality by replenishing oxygen and eliminating bacteria/algae buildup, reducing chemical need. The waterfall effect created will thrill guests, creating a unique swimming pool experience. Available in 1 1/2, 2, 3 and 5 horsepower, the pumps produce up to 200 gallons of water per minute and are rated for desert conditions. Includes non-corrosive PVC cart with stainless-steel handle for easy mobility and dual-GFCI power cords.

Aquatic Technology: 800-446-6416

Shower Power

Shower Tower, the only outdoor shower constructed of a high-grade polymer/plastic designed for beach, volleyball, park and resort/pool use. Shower Tower's vandal-resistant design includes the column, which will never rust or need painting; self-closing push-button control valves, and severe service, stainless and chrome-plated brass fixtures and hardware. Each tower can provide up to six user stations arranged in any combination of shower heads and foot-wash nozzles. Serves many in a small space. Handsome design in a variety of colors.

Shower Tower: 800-330-9073

Chlorination Alternative

OSEC-NXT systems provide many safety features when used as an alternative to chlorine gas systems. Transport and handling of chlorine cylinders is completely eliminated. Only saturated brine and softened water are needed for the redeveloped electrolyzer process, which safely and efficiently produces hypochlorite on site. The optimized efficiency of the electrolyzer cells leads to a minimum demand for brine and power.

Siemens Water Technologies: 866-766-5987

Falling Water

Towering over the waterpark at nearly 18 feet high, the new Mega Soaker dumping bucket from Waterplay Solutions Corp. is sure to create big splashes everywhere. As the bucket fills with water, slowly teetering from side to side, threatening at any second to tip over and splash up to 90 gallons of water on unsuspecting thrill seekers down below, kids and adults will run to join in on the action. Built for a lifetime of fun, the Mega Soaker is sure to be a park favorite.

Waterplay Solutions Corp.: 800-590-5552

Anti-Entrapment Shield

The only NSF-certified, unblockable, solid fiberglass Main Drain Anti-Entrapment Cover available for single and multi-drain use. ASME A112.19.8a-2008 VGB 2008-certified and approved for use over any size field-built main drain sump up to 24-by-24 inches. Approved for use without a sump up to 12-inch diameter pipe. Features a 10-year limited warranty and includes stainless-steel mounting hardware. No grounding or bonding required. Non-skid surface, low-profile design. 100 percent perimeter suction. Volume discounts available.

Neptune Benson: 800-832-8002

Fire It Up

Designed for commercial swimming pools, the new ChlorKing X-GEN on-site chlorine generator constantly manufactures sodium hypochlorite from a brine concentration. The new pH neutral chlorine that the X-GEN system can produce is the first of its kind. ChlorKing X-GEN systems do not require any salt in the pool and unlike other chlorine generators, X-GEN's are tied into the circulation system of the pool so TDS levels will never increase above the set point.

ChlorKing Inc.: 800-536-8180

Water Games

Water Wars is an interactive attraction where kids and families launch water balloons at each other from opposing battle stations. With the new Depth Charge feature, you can really add to the excitement by aiming at a huge bull's eye—hit it with the water balloon and watch a massive explosion of water drench your opponent. Available in four sizes to fit any facility.

Water Wars: 800-950-1132

Sustainable Sanitizing

With Salt Pure® equipment and chemistry controllers as the core products, TMI pursues excellence by partnering directly with facilities to provide sustainable solutions and a healthier aquatic environment. They focus on reducing the carbon footprint and energy usage of each aquatic center in a sustainable manner, from the design phase through daily pool operations. TMI was the first company in the United States to successfully take Salt Pure® and Chemistry Control into the commercial market and has developed a deep knowledge base and intensive customer support.

TMI Salt Pure Corporation: 800-818-8266