Let the Sun Shine

The most highly insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting system in the world for enclosing pools. The ultimate in energy efficiency with insulation values as high as R-20. Factory pre-finished, corrosion-free, pre-engineered aluminum box beams form a total composite building system with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels. A screened retractable roof system allows for fresh air and an outdoor swimming experience without bugs, leaves or other debris. Sidewalls can consist of sliding glass doors or translucent Kalwall for privacy, as well as brick, masonry or other materials.

Structures Unlimited Inc.: 800-225-3895

Pool Lining

Natatec PVC Pool Lining Systems are specially formulated PVC and reinforced with a high-strength polyester core. Natatec is custom-fit and bonded on-site to provide an attractive, easily maintained, totally watertight and almost indestructible pool surface. Ideal for waterparks, water attractions, public pools or water features, Natatec PVC pool lining systems are far superior to conventional pool coatings such as paint, plaster and fiberglass. Their versatility and durability make your swimming pool or aquatic recreation facility perform for the long term.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

Make a Splash

Sun Ports adds a splash to the Sun Valley Aquatic Center in Lewisville, Texas. The bright yellow 30-by-30-foot Triangle shade structure provides colorful shade for a toddlers' wading pool. In addition, the location features multi-colored hexagon and red and blue Coolbrella structures throughout. Sun Valley Facility Director Wayne Pickett was looking to add a lot of fun, festive shade to the center. Sun Ports and Architect Mark Hatchel of Kimley-Horn & Associates came through with just what he was looking for.

Sun Ports: 800-966-5005

Lead the Way

Make Architectural Design Consultants Inc. (ADCI) your partner in bringing your project to life! With more than 20 years of design experience, ADCI's design portfolio includes more than 50 percent of the top waterpark resorts in the United States. Whether renovating, adding on or building from the ground up, you can call ADCI. Serving markets nationwide with architectural and interior design, comprehensive planning and construction administration services.

Architectural Design Consultants Inc.: 608-254-6181

Solar Heat

Commercial pools like yours are expected to stay warm and comfortable year-round. But with energy costs through the roof, heating a pool with dirty fossil fuels is a luxury we can no longer afford. All across the country—from day camps to Olympic-sized pools—owners and operators have dramatically cut costs by switching to energy-efficient Aquatherm Solar Pool Heater. A solar-heated pool uses the sun's endless supply of free energy to keep swimmers warm and happy, while decreasing heating costs up to 100 percent.

Aquatherm Industries: 732-905-9002

Elevate It

Vortex ElevationsTM incorporates the principles of architectural design, premium materials, modular flexibility and loads of fun to provide long-lasting appeal and attraction. ElevationsTM are based on a building-block principle with a variety of decks, deck links and bridges that easily interconnect to allow a structural configuration that works within your designed environment. This makes ElevationsTM adaptable to aquatic facilities with limited space, whether over a pool or a Splashpad®—indoor or outdoor—optimize play space and increase the fun.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 877-5-VORTEX (586-7839)

Ride the Water

Splash Encounters Water Ride is an interactive special effects entertainment system for installation on new and existing enclosed waterslides. The software offers an extensive ride theme library. Custom and holiday themes are also available. Park management can change the ride themes as often as they like with the easy-to-use "touchscreen builder" software. The system also includes Internet-based features such as online system monitoring, free operating system upgrades, e-mail alerts for maintenance and service, view rider data online, one-year parts/labor warranty, energy-saving auto-sleep/wake modes and multiple rider throughput.

Lasertech Productions: 847-540-9484

The Sky's the Limit

OpenAire designs, manufactures and installs retractable roof structures and operable skylights worldwide. These energy-efficient enclosures are capable of spanning 140 feet and beyond. At the touch of a button, motorized panels retract to open up 50 percent or more of the roof area. OpenAire specializes in custom designs (domes, barrel vaults, telescoping and bi-parting skylights, complete retracting skylights, etc.), using its exclusive, maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum framing. The result is an extraordinary environment of natural light and fresh air.

OpenAire Inc.: 800-267-4877